Monday, August 25, 2008

Roy Budd - Tomorrow Never Comes (1978)

Sorry for the delay between posts, but the world outside the Lounge has not been as "easy" as the music on the inside. Never fear, the Sleazy Listening Lounge is still in business and will hopefully resume regular posting soon. Until then, I leave you with the always amazing Roy Budd and his soundtrack to the thriller "Tomorrow Never Comes" starring Oliver Reed and Susan George.

Btw, I don't think I've said it lately, but thanks to everyone for stopping by and for leaving such kind comments. It's really a pleasure sharing such wonderful music with you and I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying it too.

01. Main Title (03:26) (vocal by Matt Monro)
02. TNC M5 (03:40)
03. TNC M3 - Theme (00:41)
04. TNC M14/16 (03:29)
05. TNC M8 (02:02)
06. TNC M5a (02:23)
07. Manhunt (Source) (03:30)
08. TNC M13 (01:35)
09. TNC M15 (02:15)
10. Main Title (Instrumental) (03:39)
11. TNC M22 (02:29)
12. TNC M6 (02:46)
13. TNC M12 (01:38)
14. TNC M11 (02:47)
15. TNC M26 (03:08)
16. TNC M16 (00:54)
17. TNC M27 (03:39)
18. End Theme (01:58)
19. Hanky Panky (Source) (03:36)

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Brianiac said...

dom said...

thanks alot brian

Michael Can't Sleep said...

Tanks, as always. This looks cool.

mrburn said...

thank you

upkerry14 said...

Christ! I can't stop listening to this music! Somebody help me! Now I'm looking all over for the movie and the soundtrack. Budd's story is a fascinating and sad one, look it up. Thanks for turning me onto this GREAT music! bill

Brianiac said...

You're very welcome, guys!

Bill - It's my pleasure sharing this music with you. I'm not responsible for where your new found obsession takes you though!

Owen2Bears said...

great stuff as always....

Anonymous said...

love roy budd,

nice one!

Travis said...

Great stuff -- thanks so much!

Drazen said...

Any chance of reposting this one?

and amazing blog!

Brianiac said...

Hi Drazen! Try the link again. It seems to working fine for me.

Anonymous said...

1978! A Very Good Year. ;)
Thanks for the music!

Brianiac said...