Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sleaz-and-Cheez Mix tracklist

In case some of you missed it in the comments, here is the tracklist to the wonderful "Sleaz-and-Cheez" mix that Soap blessed us with:

"thanks everyone
here is the track listing
albums names are provided as much as possible

01 - intro - Let's Find Out (Edda's Vocal) - Armando Trovajoli - Vedo Nudo
02 - Ore 18 - Alberto Baldan Bembo - Io E Mara
03 - Anima Persa - Francis Lai - Lost Soul (Anima Persa)
04 - Chaser - Piero Umiliani - il Corpo
05 - Vedo Nudo (Il Guardone) - Armando Trovajoli - Vedo Nudo
06 - Young Stud - Klaus And Uschi
07 - Night Club 1 - Piero Piccioni - Puppet On A Chain
08 - strip tease - Alain Goraguer - La Plan├Ęte Sauvage
09 - Ore 20 - Alberto Baldan Bembo - Io E Mara
10 - Amarsi un po - Lucio Battisti - Io Tu Noi Tutti
11 - Aeroplane - Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson
12 - sex world (green door fantasy)
13 - Bele de Jour - Saint Tropez - Belle de Jour
14 - Emanuelle In America Sweet - Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle In America
15 - Crescete E Moltiplicatevi (Scena D'amore IV) - Ennio Morricone - Crescete E Moltiplicatevi
16 - Amore in Controluce - Gianni Marchetti e Nora Orlandi - Il Magnifico Tony Carrera
17 - Melissa - Francis Lai - Bilitis
18 - l'amour d'aimer - Francis Lai - Emmanuelle 2
19 - M5 (sk 6) - Roy Budd - The Stone Killer
20 - Linda - Alberto Baldan Bembo - L' Amica Di Mia Madre
21 - Military Music - Nicola Piovani
22 - Nocturne - Poyuschie Gitary
23 - Jean Yanne - Le Coit (soap's edit)
24 - jeanette - Soy rebelde
25 - Dance Burst - J. Moroder
26 - Rue Chinoise - Pierre Bachelet - Gwendoline
27 - bozo barrett (theme from love story) - francis lai - Love Story
28 - theme from love story (finale) - francis lai - Love Story"

Thanks again, Soap! It's been over a week and it still has not left my CD player. I'm looking forward to what you have planned next....hint, hint....

New link in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's great. There are some of my all time favorites included.
Like the one of Mel Henke or of Serge gainsbourg or Edda Dell'Orso.
The basic stuff is what you provided and then it's up to the barman's mixes.
O man my eyes do a bit of a hirtin' what a picture goes with it. Just to show some scepticism about cheazyness? OK, but not to smelly...?
Anyhow, the ears have no complaints!!



zillagord said...

Thanks for the tracklisting! Very helpful.

BTW, I don't know what album it is originally from, but "Young Stud" is from a compilation called "Nymphomania 1 & 2." If you dig that song and the music here, you should try to track that album down, it's sleazy fun! "Sex World (Green Door Fantasy)" is from the Sex-O-Rama comp, a collection of porn grooves, which is also pretty freaking cool.

Soap, I agree with Brainiac-- another mix would be appreciated. At least I think that's what he meant by "hint hint."

Thanks again guys!


aurorob said...

This really is an amazing about adding chapter markers and Album covers for an even more ultimate experience on our mp3 players?

You rule.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the post, but, Can you please also tell how can we download these songs?

Have a nice day.

soap said...

hey guys
so glad that at least a few people enjoy this mix..
it was originaly made for my girlfriend, and didnt have any succes with my friends. i guess its a bit different. but personnaly its one of my favorite mix. some of this tracks are so epic.
a part two is of course in project.
unfortunatly i just got back from holydays and im now pretty busy.
i cant really give any dates but be sure ill send the adresse to brianiac, wich i want to thanks again for his exelent blog!

Anonymous said...

i can't find the link. thx

Brianiac said...

Here you go:

Mr. B.Normal said...

A really nice mix and very slick. Yeah, definitly one to play when the girlfriend comes over.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. What song is playing 45 mins in the mix?

Brianiac said...

That's an amazing song called "Melissa" from the Bilitis s/t by Francis Lai. It can also be found on the blog. Here's the link to the full s/t:

Anonymous said...

mmmm i love this music so much it hurts my insides

Anonymous said...

Is Dance Burst - J. Moroder from a soundtrack? If so what OST is it from? It's very Francis Lai like. I think the mix is great.

Brianiac said...

I'm not real sure about that one. I can only find it on instrumental compilations. Great song and it indeed is very similar to Lai.

Ian Miller said...

Would this be the one and only Brian Stewart?? Ian Miller here, love the blog!! Oh, and I just downloaded this, thank you!

Brianiac said...

Ian, my friend! It's been too long. How's it been going? Glad you like the blog.

Anonymous said...

thankyou amazing so many great tracks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hehe well I found out that Helen St. John - Love Theme from Flashdance and J. Moroder - Dance Burst are the same exact song. So I guess the song is from Flashdance. Still duno where it originated from for sure.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Music, Wonderful Blog!!!

Thank you so much..!!!


Anonymous said...


Who did the track with the guy talking about his sexual and sentimental life with his wife and Catherine?
This is huge I need it!
Thanks for this great mix.

Brianiac said...

I believe you are talking about the song "Belle de Jour" by the group Saint Tropez. Hope this helps and thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yes that's it. Very funny track.
Thank you.

Gomby said...

Rerally great mix, thanks a lot!

This track @ about 11 mins is really funny.....

"I like it" "I hate it"
"Oh my sweet gangster!"
"This is funny"
"Please come to me"

Oh yeah, and pretty rad that the tracks are actually beatmatched...



Pancolart said...

Where are you mate, your posts are great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much from France

Anonymous said...

fantastic mix! how's about volume 2?

bread and sirkuses said...


Mr. B.Normal said...


Thanks for your message via my Horse Drawn Zeppelin blog!

I'm sorry I don't have a Soulseek account, but I'll definitely check out your Sleaze and Cheez Pt 2. I really liked the last one.

All the best,


paul said...

any way someone can re upload this?

vexatoire singe said...

stumbled on your website. Very good collection.
Do you by any chance have Goodbye Emmanuelle soundtrack ? thanks.

chilton said...

Is this mix still available anywhere?


Sir, thank you for the return! Please re upload this comp!Thanks !


Please,re-upload !Thanks !

Brianiac said...

Will reupload this very soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks - lost my copy years ago, would love to get again!

Brianiac said...!9ssXzBpA!4kWjf7Zckb8Z-ovvksu98OFX11miTZc3ehrGb-GAQoc


Fantastic !:)Thank you !