Monday, August 11, 2008

Ennio Morricone - Viaggio Con Anita (1979) / La Cugina (1974)

Here's one that Ersan recently requested. It's Morricone's excellent score to "Voyage With Anita" (a.k.a "Lovers And Liars") starring Giancarlo Giannini and Goldie Hawn. Also included is the soundtrack to 1974's "La Cugina" ("The Cousin"). Enjoy!

01. Sorridimi, Sorridimi (02:50)
02. Sull´Amaca (02:04)
03. Viaggio Con Anita (02:53)
04. Ricordo Del Padre (02:36)
05. Move (03:23)
06. Viaggio Con Anita (02:43)
07. Tre Anni Fa Una Sera (02:40)
08. Presentimento Primo (00:52)
09. Good News (02:26)
10. La Ragazza Del Padre (01:45)
11. Presentimento Secondo (01:31)
12. Ricordo Dell´Amaca (01:09)

13. La Sera, La Notte, Il Giorno (04:09)
14. La Cugina - Variazione I (00:35)
15. La Cugina - Variazione II (01:07)
16. De Copalamo (03:18)
17. La Cugina - Variazione III (02:35)
18. La Cugina - Variazione IV (01:37)
19. La Cugina - Variazione V (01:02)
20. La Sera, La Notte, Il Giorno (04:09)
21. La Cugina - Variazione VI (01:14)

22. La Cugina - Variazione VII (01:31)
23. La Cugina - Variazione VIII (02:50)
24. La Cugina - Variazione IX (00:49)
25. La Sera, La Notte, Il Giorno (04:09)

Tracks 1-12 from Viaggio Con Anita
Tracks 13-25 from La Cugina

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Brianiac said...

SeaN said...

good post!

Sylvain L. said...

Hi there, and thank you for this.

That Morricone soundtrack is really amazing.
I knew "La Cugina" but never heard the "Viaggio con Anita" soundtrack, which is a really interesting mix of the brilliant 70s style from the maestro, with the sounds of the early 80s. And even a little jazz influence with that typical bass.

Keep up the good work.


gary said...

many thanks. can't wait to hear this

Vinyl Room said...

Hi, nice stuff here, would you like to link me?


Brianiac said...

Without a doubt! You have an amazing blog.

george hilton said...

great share!

Noise said...

great post as usual, thanks for all your work putting up these great soundtracks.

Anonymous said...

After a year of time i wanted to re-new my search for the soundtracks of "a trip with anita" and found it here, with my name in it. :) But, unfortunately, it seems like i'm a bit late.
So, dear Brianiac is it possible for you to re-new the link? since it cannot be opened. And also I thank you very much for replying my request.

Brianiac said...

Hi Ersan! Glad you finally made it back. ;)

I tried the link and it should still be working. Try it one more time and see. If not, we'll figure something out so you can get this great s/t.

Anonymous said...

Ohh what a quick reply :)

Well, now I realized the problem. The end of the link was not seen (the .rar extension). After adding .rar to the end it worked.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful melodies with us.

Ciao !

Brianiac said...

I'm glad it worked. Enjoy!

Pandemonium's Desire said...

looking for that since a while. Appreciated ;-)

Anonymous said...

2012 already and your blog is still sharing the good stuff. Thankyou. :)

Brianiac said...