Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nico Fidenco - The Degradation Of Emanuelle (1977)

Another Joe D'Amato directed entry in the legendary Black Emanuelle series. This time Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) must again try to put a stop to a nasty white slavery ring. One of the better ones in the series, it features the usual tons of flesh on display, George Eastman (Luigi Montefiori) as a "guru" of a sexual cult and, of course, amazing music by Nico Fidenco. The title song "A Picture of Love" is unforgettable.

01. A Picture Of Love (03:30) (Versione Cantata)
02. My Boundless (03:56)
03. Eternal Anguish (02:17)
04. Kamasutra In Love (02:13)
05. A Picture Of Love (03:05) (Inst. Versione 1)
06. A Picture Of Love (03:27) (Inst. Versione 2)
07. Besides (02:38)
08. Come Back! Rhythm (02:22)
09. A Seeming Man (03:14)
10. Your Oppression (02:37)

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Brianiac said...

Anonymous said...

thanks for update

The Red Room said...

another great one. love it, thnx!

Derek said...


Loving the Fidenco trilogy so far. Your influence is rubbing off as I just picked up my own vinyl copy of Bilitis the other day as well as a Riz Ortolani soundtrack to a movie called "Africa Addio."

I wonder if you could direct me to some resources for ripping my own extensive vinyl collection to spread the love. I have a domain name registered and hosting, but don't know how to get started. Any help would be appreciated, as your site is really well run and inspiring.

Thanks. Keep up the good work...

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eric said...

can you post the emmanuelle soundtrack with "run cheetah run?"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful sleazy soundtracks.
Any chance you have Nico Fidencos "la ragazzina" or "blue jeans" ? would be killer! :)

André Salas said...

Just watched this movie last night. Sleazy! And you're right, that song "A Picture Of Love" sticks in your brain.

Anonymous said...

THANKS for these great soundtracks, but i think the quality is suffering due to noise reduction software.

i hear the familiar babbling sound of noiseprint based noise reduction all over them. it even pumps with the music in places. its really messing them up for me, i consider this era of music the best sounding music there has ever been! (just for pure sound quality)

its probably too much to ask, but if you felt like releasing these nico fidenco soundtracks without noise reduction and in lossless FLAC format would be AMAZING!!!

is there any details of which soundcard/ADC you use on the blog anywhere?

thanks again for your work!!! LOVE THESE FILMS AND MUSIC!!!

Brianiac said...

DJ Nekroman said...

FANTASTIC! Just discovered your website, and was really hoping to find this soundtrack in here. And lo and behold... Dreams can come true! A million thanks!