Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Riz Ortolani - Mondo Candido (1975)

Mondo Candido is a surreal and comedic take on Voltaire's "Candide". It was directed by the duo Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi who are notorious for their documentaries such as Mondo Cane and Goodbye Uncle Tom. A very nice Ortolani soundtrack with varying styles.

01. Mondo Candido (02:40)
02. Le Soldatesse (02:25)
03. L' Altalena (02:29)
04. Panglos A New York (03:37)
05. Svegliati Ragazzo (02:54)
06. Un Amore Cosi Tenero (03:05)
07. Cani E Gatto (02:14)
08. Azzuro E Nuvole (02:14)
09. Ferro, Chitarra E Amore (03:19)
10. Tema Di "Mondo Candido" (03:36)

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Brianiac said...

VonCheech said...

thank you.

do you have this one ?

Mondo Cane 2
by Nino Oliviero

Here is the "Inspired by" album...

Mondo Cane 2 by Kay Winding.

Brianiac said...

I don't believe I have it, but if I come across it I will definitely put it up.

Many thanks for the "inspired by" link! I needed that one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this magnificent soundtrack. I just discovered Riz Ortolani, never too late I hope, only wish I could hear more from this talented composer...

Brianiac said...

You're very welcome. I'll have to get some more Ortolani up here soon.

Anonymous said...

Love Riz! Thanks once again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is music very nice

Brianiac said...

apf said...

Thank you!