Sunday, April 6, 2008

Piero Piccioni - Playgirl '70 (1969)

I had a request from "Lumpy" for more from the Japanese Avanz label, so today we have Piero Piccioni's score for 1969's 'Playgirl '70'. It's a pretty laid back score with some tracks you'll probably recognize from other compilations. Enjoy!

01. Playgirl '70 (Main Titles) (01:23)
02. Playgirl '70 (Party Music) (02:56)
03. Playgirl '70 (Mystery Suite) (02:25)
04. Playgirl '70 (Party Music 2) (02:07)
05. Playgirl '70 (Love Theme) (01:10)
06. Playgirl '70 (Party Music 3) (02:55)
07. Playgirl '70 (Mystery) (01:08)
08. Playgirl '70 (Party Music 4) (02:12)
09. Playgirl '70 (Love Theme 2) (02:19)
10. Playgirl '70 (Nightclub) (02:09)
11. Playgirl '70 (Party Music 5) (03:25)
12. Playgirl '70 (Love Theme 3) (03:25)
13. Playgirl '70 (Party Music 6) (02:12)
14. Playgirl '70 (Party Music 7) (02:12)
15. Playgirl '70 (End Titles) (03:31)
16. Playgirl '70 (Party Music - Alternate) (02:40)
17. Playgirl '70 (Party Music - Alternate 2) (02:11)

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Brianiac said...

Peter said...

Nice post brianiac! I'm a big fan of Piccioni and it's great to get a chance to hear the complete soundtrack. The Japanese releases always seem to go out of print fairly quickly.

Brianiac said...

Glad you like it, Peter. It seems I read somewhere that the owner of the Avanz label passed away, so I'm sure these releases are going to get even rarer.

Lumpy said...

hi brianiac! thanks for the upload, i had this one :)
avanz is alive, they're gonna release a new cd this month for example. you can order any of their releases directly from them. the only problem is that a lot of their cds were dubbed from vinyl source without any remastering or noise cleanup so the quality is not the best.

Brianiac said...

Thanks for the heads up, Lumpy. I'm happy to hear that they are still releasing soundtracks (even if their quality is not up to par).

Another man said...

I just have a question about these soundtracks, Im a huge fan of genre movies, am I'm always on the lookout for the "new" Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack which sofar is the sleaziest soundtrack I've ever heard.

Any ideas on something thats simular? I've downloaded every single one you have posted so far and many of them are excellent, but perhaps not that sleazy. I like mouning in the background I guess :-D

What about the soundtrack "gore gore girls", i've been looking for that one for ages?

Brianiac said...

"Vampyros Lesbos" is no doubt and excellent soundtrack and pretty sleazy as well. I will try to come up with some stuff that amps up the sleaze factor that you will enjoy.

I haven't seen an official s/t for the Gore Gore Girls, but follow the link to Universal Horror Sounds below and see if this will do for now. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

The Retro Futurist said...

Yeah, the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack is the daddy of funky psychedelic sleazy listening... Il Corpo has it's moments too!

I'd also recommend The Mood Mosaic vols 3 & 5 (Supervixens and Sexploitation) for full on sleaze factor.

I'd like to see more in the Vampyros Lesbos vein myself. ie psychedelic B3 hammond fuelled big band funk. Keep it coming!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I seen a Modern Vampyros Lesbos someplace, ah yes..... here she blows (or doesn't, what the hell?):

sweetbeats said...

Really looking forward to this love the track Babylon I am Coming so hoping for more of the same-thanks for sharing!

sweetbeats said...

Looking Forward to's another

Feel free everyone to join my facebook group Bubble Gum Pop Circus

Loads of cool sleazy tunage to download!

Conti said...

Vampiros Lesbos link

flageolette used to have it up but you can maybe ask him to repost the link...

Soulmaster said...

The non-working link. It is possible to upload to another file hosting?

Brianiac said...

It's not the best quality, but it's all I have. Here are the new links:!R4sBBLqD!L_6kv5VSQlb_7litlzgJrIvxrqHU_DtUNvwnKUUEcOw


Soulmaster said...

Thank you very much! Nice music!