Saturday, April 12, 2008

Patrick Juvet - Laura (1979)

Here we have Patrick Juvet's soundtrack to David Hamilton's erotic film "Laura". It's very similar in sound to Hamilton's "Bilitis", as well "The Story of O" (both of which are found below). It mixes soft, dreamy tracks with uptempo, disco ones to create a very nice listening experience. Enjoy!

01. Tristesse De Laura (4:20)
02. Photo Session (2:04)
03. Thème De La Statue (3:35)
04. One Way Love (3:37)
05. Le Rêve (1:42)
06. Fire (5:43)
07. La Ballet (3:35)
08. Le Thème De Laura (4:24)
09. La Chanson De Robert (2:30)
10. Fascination (3:15)

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Thanks Paul! I definitely dig your site. It reminds me that I'm gonna have to find time away from my blog to catch up on the great ones like yours.

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wow what a midnight find you were loving the selection in awe of the ears.

blue said...

this album made me thinking of "the fruit is ripe", may I?

azul de hongkong

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Awsome Dude! I used to watch these "sleazy movies" back in the 80s. These soundtracks are cool. Thanks for sharing


Thanks god bless you

Anonymous said...

this album made me thinking of "the fruit is ripe", may I?

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