Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nico Fidenco - Black Emanuelle (1975)

"Emanuelle Nera" was the first of many erotic films starring the beautiful Laura Gemser as the globetrotting journalist/photographer Emanuelle. The soundtrack by Nico Fidenco is a classic of sleazy listening and is appropriately sexy and exotic. More "Emanuelle" soundtracks to come if you guys enjoy it.

01. Emanuelle's Theme (02:46)
02. Skin In The Wind (03:41)
03. Black Rhythm (02:22)
04. Emanuelle's Dreams (02:51)
05. Sudden Ride (01:47)
06. Wild Cry (01:33)
07. Black Emanuelle (03:26)
08. Samba Safari (03:21)
09. Hawaiian Sand (02:43)
10. Wild Strength (02:56)
11. Thoughtless (02:27)
12. Unavoidable (02:28)
13. Skin To Skin (01:56)
14. Emanuelle's Theme (02:44)

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Brianiac said...

Alan said...

Wow. Looking forward to this one, thanks!

Ken said...

Great stuff!
Thanks! Would love to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare sucks!
stuff posted on Rapidshare doesn't stay around long enough for one to enjoy. I tried to access a few of your posts, especially the ones from a month or 2 back and they're all unavailable :( Mediafire is more recommended than Rapidshit!

great posts by the way :)

Brianiac said...

I know Rapidshare can be a pain, but to me it's still the best thing going. Plus, it's still the most commonly used file hoster around and (most importantly) I'm paid up for the next several months. :)

When it expires, I'll check into maybe trying someone new.

I wasn't aware that any links were down, so please let me know which ones I need to re-up and I'll do it as soon as possible. Thanks for the comments.

Julz said...

I don't really care for rapidshare either, but I can't complain. You're providing stuff I can't find anywhere else!

Anonymous said...

I love the Rapidshare and hate Mediafire so all is good here with me, sir! Thank you for all your generosity! :D

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