Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Various Artists - Sexy Voices (1999)

Here's an excellent compilation that I've had for awhile. There are many gems here that I hope everyone will enjoy.

01 - Lets Find Out (Armando Trovajoli)
02 - To The Barren Moor (Luis E.Bacalov)
03 - A Doppia Faccia (Nora Orlandi)
04 - Fino All'Orizzonte (Luis E.Bacalov)
05 - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Piero Piccioni)
06 - Un Detective - Main Title (Fred Bongusto & Robby Poitevin)
07 - La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto (Piero Piccioni)
08 - La Bambole (Ennio Morricone)
09 - La Supertestimone (Luis E.Bacalov)
10 - Un Modo Di Essere Donna (Piero Piccioni)
11 - To Jean (Junior Pisano & Jaques Chaumont)
12 - Masquerade (Armando Trovajoli)
13 - Sospiri Da Una Radio Lontana (Ennio Morricone)
14 - Basta Guardale (Franco Pisano)
15 - L'Amica (Luis E.Bacalov)
16 - Veruschka (Ennio Morricone)
17 - The World Of The Blues (Fred Bongusto & Robby Poitevin)
18 - Hiasmina (Berto Pisano & Jaques Chaumont) 

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Brianiac said...


benevolent said...

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Wille said...

Great choice, Brainiac! I happen to own this cd and it's one of my favourite compilations of easy listening. Here I discovered "To Jean" by Berto Pisano and Jaques Chaumont. It's so hypnotic, I can play it over and over.

On another note, do you happen to have Dudley Moore's "30 is a Dangerous Age Cynthia"?

Thank you!

Double Fisted said...

looking forward to hearing this one man, the stencil on the cover looks good, "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child" was always a decent track, keen to see what this versions like

seenky said...

Another great post! You might like some of my own soundtrack based stuff, check out some freebies at http://repeatedviewing.bandcamp.com
Sorry to be a blatant spammer! Cheers and keep up the good work sir.

Brianiac said...

Great stuff, seenky! I really dig the style of both of your releases. Sounds like you grew up watching the same 80's Euro-horror films as I did!

seenky said...

Thanks Brainiac, glad you enjoyed the music. Always nice to find somebody with a similarly depraved taste in sounds... Feel free to share as you feel fit good fella.

Ravi said...

An awesome post... just like always..

The Commuter said...

Love the blog!
...would like to invite you and your followers to visit "A Party In Suburbia"...
...please be our guest and enjoy meticulous rips of the very finest in vintage LP's...


Brianiac said...

Looks like you have a fine blog there, Commuter. Thanks for the link to SL. I've linked you back as well.

John said...

Hi there,

Check out my French film soundtrack mash-up:


Darryl Cunningham said...

Looking forward to hearing this.

kotsos1970 said...

hello Brianiac .thanks for the music but i can't download the CD.can yoy give us a new - megaupload or rapidshare - link ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brianiac.

Rob Talbot said...

Hey man - you should enjoy this:


At least I hope so!

Hope all's good in the land of the Brianiac,


3-Pin said...

Many thanxs for the posting. Looking forward to a weekend of fine listening.

Anonymous said...


I stumbled across this blog by accident and very glad I did too!
Thank you for all the gems here and so nice to know this type of music has such a big following.
Just 2 requests: I'm trying to find Morriconne's score for 'Five Man Army', any ideas?
Also the download link for sexy voices does not seem to be working - can you fix this?
Many thanks again for everything.

Anonymous said...

It sound promising but link is dead, can you re-up please?

Greetings from Oslo said...

Will this one be re-upped?

btw, your blog is a must for musaholics! too bad you have been "out of order" for while. peace out from the cold north.

Anonymous said...

Link is down :-/

Franck Guillem said...

the link is dead
can you reupload the link ?

rk said...

Hey Brianiac

Wow awesome work, but the access is denied :( i really want to listen to them!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how i can get in contact with Brianiac?

"Looking for Il Dio Sotto La Pelle by Piccioni. Can't find it anywhere."

"Hey Anonymous, I have the Il Dio Sotto La Pelle cd, I can make a 320kbps rip of it if you're interested."

If anyone could please help me out i am also trying to find Il Dio Sotto La Pelle by Piccioni

Anonymous said...

Thank you. :) A wonderful choice.

Brianiac said...


Mickey Bitsko said...

Molte bene!

Benjamín Torres said...


Anonymous said...

That is Edinburgh born Lydia MacDonald singing on Piccioni's version of "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child". Hasn't been available for about 50 years.

Thank you for this and other goodies. Wonderful.