Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peppino De Luca - La Ragazza Con La Pistola (1968)

Back again! Sorry for the delay. Enjoy De Luca's Girl With A Pistol!

01. In due (02:26)

02. Ma chista chi è (04:18) (dialogo con le voci di Monica Vitti, Carlo Giuffrè, Anna Lelio, Domenico Deninno, Giuseppe Caruso)
03. La ragazza con la pistola (01:44)
04. Un folle amore (01:12)
05. Ossessione psichedelica (01:27)
06. Rapimento in Sicilia (02:08)
07. Cosa nostra (00:59)
08. Trumpet shake (02:31)
09. My little love (05:28) (dialogo con le voci di Monica Vitti, Carlo Giuffrè, Sergio Rossi, Claudio Sorrentino, Cristopher Cruise)
10. In due (#2) (02:09)
11. In cerca di lui (01:22)
12. Cip...cip...lu me giardinu (01:54)
13. Dall'altra sponda (02:22)
14. Violino e sitar (02:05)
15. In cerca di lui (#2) (00:53)
16. Shake balera (01:50)
17. In due (#3) (01:03)
18. La ragazza con la pistola (titoli - vers. film) (00:46)
19. In due (#4) (01:45)
20. Rapimento in Sicilia (vers. alternativa - mix senza sitar) (01:11)
21. In cerca di lui (#3) (01:23)
22. Shake balera (vers. film) (01:28)
23. In due (#5) (01:51)
24. La ragazza con la pistola (vers. alternativa - mix senza voce) (01:43)
25. In due (#6) (01:12)

1-16 are taken from the original album in stereo
17-25 are previously unreleased in mono

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Merci beaucoup again! Great tunes with the right amount of awkward and cheesiness. I can't get enough of it. It sounds great on long car rides. Try it yourself one time.

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So cool! This is my daddy's soundtrack. He would be happy to know he is still being listened to in 2011. He died so young...
Carolina De Luca

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Carolina, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Although he passed away too young, myself and many others still enjoy your father's wonderful music very much.

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Groovy, thanks! Just watched htis one on Netflix streaming, pretty enjoyable flick (can never have enough Monica Vitti).

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