Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peter Thomas - Peter Scores (2002)

The Erotic World of the Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra

01. Angels Who Burn Their Wings
02. Panki
03. Otran Limited Respettivo
04. Cresta In Slow
05. Die Weibchen
06. Der Stoff Aus Dem Die Träume Sind
07. Surf With Gunter
08. April Rainbows
09. Mr. P.
10. Sweet Girl - Sweet Love
11. Oh, Oh, Oooh, Ei Ei Ei - Wo Immer Es Auch Sei
12. Modern Sex
13. Piano Strings In Love
14. St. Tropez
15. Coitus Crash
16. Love & Sax

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Brianiac said...


Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot for this one.
Is he the same Peter Thomas who composed the soundtrack to ''Raümpatrolle''?


Anonymous said...

Always appreciate these, as usual, I listen the previous posts a fair bit on my portable musical device, but, I wish, for the bigger screen that the album art was more generous.

Thanks Brianiac!

Brianiac said...

You're very welcome. Yes, that's the same one.

Alberto&son said...

Thanks from Italy. Keep the faith!

jasper said...

Wow. Thanks a lot. I am a sucker for this type of music. Total über-cheese and yet strangely compelling.

Cinturon negro said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just noticed that it was possible to change the favicon on blogger blogs now, as your site is quite devoted to style I would have thought that ridding it of the big orange "B" would be something you'd want to do:

El chango Feli said...

Great to have you back.

highplainsdrifter said...

Can't live without your site. Only thing I would add is more, more, more often!

Stop by my site sometime when you have it:

Peter Roll Em said...

Peter Scores!!!

Anonymous said...


frl. blume said...

I think I just fell in love with you.

none said...

Sweet! I love this stuff! Thank you!

upkerry14 said...

Yowza! Thanks!

maddie0147 said...

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Mr. Craig said...

Rats! I was just about to post this at Funky Frolic when I discovered you had beaten me to the punch. Now I have to find something else to put up. Grrrr!

LOL, great minds think alike hey?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!!

grrrrr said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Benderwan said...

It's always a pleasure to my ears when I'm playing the music you share with us.
Thanks to you I'm slowly but surely making myself a great vinyl library.
Greetings from Paris, merci.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brianiac,

I keep visiting this blog everyday. Where are you??


Anonymous said...

You've done it again. you've turned me on to something I knew nothing about. A big thank you, and keep on blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Love the blog.

Not certain if you do requests, but here goes:

I was wondering if you could dig out some scores by Germany's erotic maestro, Gerhard Heinz. In particular the following:

- Vanessa (1977)
- The Fruit Is Ripe (1978)
- The Joy Of Flying (1978)
- Summer Night Fever (1979)

Some of these exist on a compilation but was after the originals. All were put out by the now defunct Hong Kong Records label. The films themselves all feature German actress/pop star Olivia Pascal.

They don't hold a candle to many of the OST's featured on your site, but they're quite fun all the same.


musiclover said...

Brianiac, thank you so much! I discovered your blog a few days ago and was blown away by all the great music you have listed here. You have great taste. Again thank you!

tyrell corp said...

like WOW... have to say that again.. like WOW..
Phew had to get that out of my system..

Just literally stumbled into your blog and am now totally hooked..!!

What a great collection of totally F.A.B. tunes.!!

many thanks..

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. It's always fun to see what interesting album you share and it's often a new album to experience. Love your blog!

magneto said...

discovered thi blog yesterday and all can I say it´s amazing!!



magneto said...

amazing blog and stuff...discovered it yesterday searching for piccioni lp´s

keep the good work!


periferia uber alles said...

I think it´s easier just to say THANK YOU for all the music you are showing here than wrtiting many things about it. Thanks a lot (Really). I really enjoy the stuff by Piero Piccioni here, some albums I couldn´t find before. An more & more things I find in this page!

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog - and I'm THRILLED to find all this groovy and obscure music. I'm having a trawl through, like I'm let loose in a candy store. ;) Thankyou! xx

Таня Билаш said...

Nice! cool!

tom said...

Hey mate
Since it's almost the blog's 4th birthday, I have a early present for you!!
Please keep on posting!

Anonymous said...

Hey sleazy where you been? Really missing your posts of gold... anything new coming??

soap said...

Hey Brianiac
not sure if you got my previous message but i had a little present for sleazy listening's 4th birthday coming up soon

hope you enjoy it

Anonymous said...

that was really cool shot for peter thomas fan and cd quality is a blow.
I remember there's another one cd by
P.Thomas just available now from one site i cannot remmeber called

Majolika Lounge

just go buy it!

thanks again sleazy!

italian cdr army

Dalton Kfk said...

This blog is the most beautiful thing happened in my recent life. Thank you very much for the recomendations. I've found some music I wouldn't dream of it.


Filme XXX said...

I am finding out about some of your content so i must say pretty clever stuff. I will make sure you bookmark your blog.

Rod Stroker said...

I'm really enjoying your blog, it's nice to be reminded from time to time that there is still plenty of wonderful music from this era to discover.

Many thanks

doctor.Gorror said...

is sleazy listening gone?!

Zazoo said...

Sadly, both links are now dead…..too late, I guess.,


Popp Radio said...

Love his stuff from the Big Boss...can't wait to hear this. Thanks!

Erik Olsen said...

Your blog is amazing! I don't know if you've abandoned it now, but just wanted to say that it is brilliant. I discovered so much great music here. If you ever do update it again, I would be happy as a clam.

Anonymous said...

Please bring this blog back!

kosmikino said...

Are you blogging elsewhere these days? It hit me the other day that so much music I listen to today emerged from discoveries of records and artists from this blog and that means so much to me.

Hope whatever you are doing these days, you are getting as much pleasure out of it as your blog gave so many people.

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Brianiac said...

Harry Klein said...

great! i have the LP but not the mp3s!


daniel70 said...

Thanks for all the hard work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brianiac!