Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bruno Nicolai - Femmine Insaziabili (1969)

01. I Want It All (03:21)
02. Autostrada Per Los Angeles (01:39)
03. Sguardi Teneri (04:24)
04. I Want It All (02:34)
05. Notte Inquieta (03:03)
06. Nostalgia Di Un Incontro (03:38)
07. Intimita (02:15)
08. I Tuoi Sospiri (02:58)
09. Autostop (03:55)
10. I Want It All (02:28)
11. Sguardi Teneri (Alt.) (02:15)
12. Fuori Dal Tempo (02:58)
13. I Want It All (03:03)
14. A Un Passo Dal Pericolo (02:06)
15. Senza Titolo (03:39)
16. Drive In (02:34)
17. Senza Titolo (03:52)
18. Nostalgia Di Un Incontro (Alt.) (03:30)
19. Sguardi Teneri (Alt. No. 2) (01:54)
20. I Want It All (01:48)
21. Senza Titolo (02:40)
22. Dondolo (03:52)
23. I Want It All (03:14)

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Brianiac said...


litlgrey said...

Funny, I thought I had this already.

Oh well! Thank you!

Dirkson said...

Delicious, again. (outside it is real cold, this stuff helps warming up near the stove, especially the slow songs)

Dirkson said...

... by the way. A funny thing to know is that the funky font used on the sleeve is called motter "femina".

(see: http://www.fontshop.com/search/?q=motter+femina )


-d said...

love it!!!! thanks....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brianiac, thank you very much!

colkav said...

Woo, yeah! Enjoying this.. Many thanks

Cristho70 said...

Hi Mr.Brianiac , please I'm looking for the soundtrack "I Complessi" - 1965 (I don't reember the name of Compositor), it was a faboulous Italian Commedy with Alberto Sordi and Ugo Tognazzi .
Can You Help me ?
Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Wauw! I have just discovered your blog and I am truly amazed. It is one of a kind. Second to none.

Thank you so much for sharing all of this fantastic music and putting both time and effort into it.


Anonymous said...

wow great music taste. thank you very much sir. you are the best. best wishes and keep up the good work. more music please. you are awesome. i really enjoy this fantastic cool music. i never heard of this. your blog is the best. where i can buy these music?

Pandemonium's Desire said...

Getting more and more impressed.
Nice sources!

HeySuchAndSuch said...

Thanks! The earlier comment RE how this helps thaw ya out during cold weather is def onto something...

Goofy said...

How can I resist an album with a name like that!?

Crazy Monkey said...

Thanks a lot Brianic!!
Any chance to use friendly Mediafire instead RS?

Michael Altuna said...

I love your blog and taste in music, one of the best on the net. Thank you!

kaplan said...

"autostop" is a masterpiece.Thanks.

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Il Idioto said...

Thanks, Brianiac.

Unknown said...

Thank you Brianiac. I can't thank you enough for your posts or even begin to tell you how much they have got me through some difficult times. Again, thank you.

Brianiac said...

You're very welcome, James. I'm glad to help out. Hope everything is going well for you now.

Anonymous said...

Woooooooooh - this is just the kind of late 60's go-go-gone-astray vibe I'm into! Thanks very much.

- d.

Alain Manuel said...

Merci beaucoup !!!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the grooviest sleaziest slinkiest sexiest music in the blogosphere. You are the tops. I love it! xxx

Seamus said...

Many thanks for this, Brainiac - I'm a big fan of Lara Saint Paul and I was looking everywhere for this.

bruno Mattéi said...

the link is dead, can you send me a new one ?
In advance, a big thank you !

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litlgrey said...

Your new link made me realize I actually did need this... again!
Oh, man!

Thanks, Braniac. Again.