Sunday, February 7, 2010

Francis Lai - Le Passager De La Pluie (1970)

I've enjoyed Lai's soundtrack to Rider On The Rain for years, but just recently came across the DVD in the bargain bin. The film, starring the great Charles Bronson, was very interesting with several twists and well worth the couple of dollars I paid for it.

01. Le Passager De La Pluie (03:41) Performed by Severine
02. Dobb's Dualite (01:52)
03. La Valse Du Mariage (02:03)

04. Theme De L'Americain (00:56)
05. Dualite (03:21)
06. Theme Dobbs (00:55)
07. Mellie Et L'Americain (01:44)
08. L'Arrestation (01:37)
09. La Maison Du Rendez-vous (02:22)
10. Generique (02:50)
11. Theme Des Voitures (01:15)
12. Theme Mellie (04:30)
13. Theme Bestial (01:08)
14. Slow Du Mariage (02:11)
15. Souvenier De Melancholie (00:42)
16. Angoisse (00:47)
17. Dobbs A La Gare (01:02)
18. Le Viol (02:12)
19. Dualite Et Dobbs (00:57)
20. Theme Mellie (01:05)

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Brianiac said...

William Connolly said...

This is one of my all-time favorite soundtrack albums.

Stanley S said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much for all your work.

I've been trying to track down the full soundtrack to Jess Franco's VENUS IN FURS aka PARIOXISMUS (?) by Mike Hugg and Manfredd Mann. Any ideas???

Kind regards

Queen of Chance said...

can't wait to listen to this one<3

thank you!!

Dirkson said...

Yer back! And yet with another marvelous record. Very sensitive, great instruments, (also sitar I heard). A very warm record indeed.

A nice tip to watch 2 it seems. :-)

Cheerio for upping!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have anything by mirageman?

Pandemonium's Desire said...

Excellent!!! I am seriously impressed.

Unknown said...

Hello From Greece!!!!
Amazing soundtrack.
Thanx alot.

Anonymous said...

Hello From Germany!!

Great Soundtrack!! Thx!!!!!

Justin said...

I know this is off topic but do you by chance have the Bruno Nicolai soundtrack for The Case of the Scorpion's Tail. Been trying to find that for a while. Love your blog, it is a great source of inspiration.

Rob Talbot said...

Hey Brianiac - only just picked up on your nice comment on my blog... thanks. A little out of the loop myself at the moment I must say.

I'll probably start blogging again when I've got more time (!) but in the meantime I'll still be checking in here on a regular basis.

Keep this cool stuff coming, man!


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Walking like Brando!
The Hyperions
The rest will be cake!

Nature Film said...

Thanks for this one, very cool soundtrack!

Eric (The Cowboys From Sweden)

Andrés Duque said...

I've been missing new posts...a lot

DJ Viking said...

Alohas,great tracks on this for me new blog...
a request...the western mannaja soundtrack?

Dirkson said...

Hey! Where are you...

great blog-master and tasty pleasuring sound-tracker?

Hope to hear from you in a while.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Your work is Superb. I always wait your next posts with great anticipation.

Suma said...

I just discovered your blog. Love it! I'm a faithful follower now. Thanks.

Budd said...

Many thanks!

Spasmo Mixtape said...

Something for Goblin fans:

Anonymous said...

it's downloadin'

Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

Charles Bronson, what a bag o' sleaze. Nice blog! Sleazy listening... I wish I had thought of that!

gkontax said...

It's a wonder the link still works after all this time. I was kind of nervous clicking on it and half expecting it to be already dead. Whew!!!

Thanks so much for the post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thankyou for all the music! ;)

Indr Zit said...

Just seen the movie..awesome, may be a big chunk of the credit goes to the Fralcis Lai scores..hitchcockesque! sadly the rapidshare link is not working..any way out?

Brianiac said...

Daysun said...

Thanks a lot for the re-upload mate !

Anonymous said...


Vaughan said...

Very good soundtrack of a wonderful composer!
Merci beaucoup!