Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gianni Ferrio - Tony Arzenta (1973)

01. L'Appuntamento (Sentad A Beira Do Caminho)
02. Un Giorno In Piu'
03. La Gabbia
04. Un Giorno In Piu' - Ritorno
05. Morning Blues
06. Finale Barocco (Alt.)
07. Un Giorno In Piu' - Un Uomo Solo
08. La Gabbia – Sequenza
09. Un Giorno in Piu – L’Ultima Volta
10. Labirinto
11. La Gabbia - Arrivo In Citta'
12. Un Giorno In Piu' - Amore
13. Quando Mi Dici Cosi'
14. La Gabbia (Alt.)
15. Ipotesti - Un Giorno In Piu'
16. Finale Barocco (Alt.)
17. Un Giorno In Piu' (Alt.)
18. Un Giorno In Piu' - Nebbie
19. Morning Blues (Alt.)
20. Finale Barocco
21. Un Giorno In Piu' - Il Passato

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Brianiac said...

Peter said...

I've already got the CD, so I'm not gonna download but great post Brian. L'Appuntamento is a beautiful piece of music. Fantastic film as well!

Drazen said...

Happy New Year and fantastic blog!

Queen of Chance said...

Love Love the blog

Peter Pan said...

Thank You....

Pablo Mortez said...

This blog is class, keep goin!

barison82 said...

Hello-and thanks for such a wonderful collection of music which you have graciously shared with everyone. May I ask, do you have the soundtrack of the 1973 film 'Le Mataf' by Stevio Cipriani? It would be great to have that available in MP3 format...many thanks, Alex

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite music blog, bar none. thank you and keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

the film is really good, one of my favourites...there's a brilliantly done Dario Argento-like death in it, unusual for a gangster thriller. here are some links if you haven't already seen it-

the eng dubbed dvd is out of print I think. I bought the french lang version off amazon france for peanuts, no eng subs though. the dubbed version is missing a violent scene where a female character is severely beaten.

Sylvain L said...

Thanks a lot for this amazing soundtrack.
Gianni Ferrio is one of the hidden gems amongst Italian composers, whose work was sometimes neglected compared to Morricone's.

In my opinion Ferrio is equally great and brings something a little different to the table of 70s Italian scores.

The opening track here, "L'appuntamento", has a haunting beauty which from the start sets the perfect melancholic atmosphere for the film (which is great by the way - thanks to Dom for sharing the links).

Definitely a must-have in the Italian-soundtrack-lover collection.

(If you want to know more about Ferrio, I wrote an article about his approach to scores a few years ago:

Keep up the great work!


Rob Talbot said...

Thanks again Brianiac - a classic score for a classic movie.

Gave you a shout out in my final post (for the time being, anyway)...

Davey B. said...

Yes! This is excellent! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, sir!

Brutal Billy said...

shoe horns and K.Y Jelly all the way!

thanks again

Anonymous said...

The movie was great, very ''raw'' in its violence.

Anonymous said...

The link is down. Can you please upload again? Kind regards.

Brianiac said...

josemaria figuerez said...

thanks so much Brainiac for upload all this again

stonerphonic said...