Friday, August 26, 2016

Stelvio Cipriani - Cometogether (1971)

By request...

01. Games People Play (03:35) (J. South)
02. Cometogether (01:46) (Stelvio Cipriani)
03. Love Is Blue (02:50) (A. Popp, P. Cour & B. Blackburn)
04. Fascinum (02:11) (Stelvio Cipriani)
05. Monument To Love (03:24) (Stelvio Cipriani)
06. Love Is Blue (02:39) (A. Popp, P. Cour & B. Blackburn)
07. Love Is Blue - I Can Sing A Rainbow (sung by The Dells) (03:28)
     (A. Popp, P. Cour & B. Blackburn)
08. Cometogether (02:16) (Stelvio Cipriani)
09. Love Is Blue (02:26) (A. Popp, P. Cour & B. Blackburn)
10. Bad Vibrations (02:31) (Stelvio Cipriani)
11. Cometogether / Get Together (05:10) (Stelvio Cipriani & C. Power)

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Unknown said...

Thank you. Looking forward to hearing.


Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanking you!

Unknown said...

Very nice!!!! You're the best

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thanks as always for your work!

Mickey said...

Hello Brianiac! :)

I wonder if you could upload Cirpiani's score for Uccidere in Silenzio (1972)? Unfortunately, the only version that seems to be available on the internet is the single version. It'd be nice to have a listen to the soundtrack in its entirety.

Cheers! :)

Mr. Suave said...

Is there a password?

Brianiac said...

No, there is never a password.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you're the best!

Anonymous said...

Brainiac, thanks again for your blog, your excellent taste, and all the great music that can be found here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brianiac, I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I'm amazed by the variety and quality you have collected here!
I was wondering whether you happen to have the soundtrack for Django, Prepare a Coffin (Preparati la bara!) by Gianfranco and Giampiero Reverberi - I've been looking for it everywhere, but I can't find it (except for a few songs on Youtube). Thanks in advance!

Physalia Siphonophoros said...

Sometimes too much of a good thing can make you heave..This one here is a real proper sleaze-fest; not sure if I'll keep it. A couple of nice themes inbetween though.

What I would really appreciate getting my ears on is Stelvio's "La polizia chiede aiuto /La polizia sta a guardare / La polizia ha le mani legate". Just sayin'.

Thanks for this wonderful blog!