Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ennio Morricone - Il Serpente (Extended) (1972)

01. Canzone Lontana (04:24)
02. Nadine (03:20)
03. Tema Per Una Donna Sola (02:38)
04. Orazione (02:30)
05. Canzone Lontana (01:46)
06. Parata Militare (04:46)
07. Assassinio Sul Lago (03:00)
08. Astrazione Con Ritmo (04:19)
09. Il Serpente (06:37)
10. Esplicitamente Sospeso (04:44)
11. Il Serpente (Radio Music I)* (00:56)
12. Il Serpente (Radio Music II)* (00:57)
13. Canzone Lontana* (01:22)
*previously unreleased
Link in the comments.


Brianiac said...!11t00TaY!xT-WMDsZhfmzECd2D4vyDFMDwheteKjiGRah9s6FZHk


José said...

Thank you!!!

Easy Sounds said...

Hi, I'm an Easy Listening aficionado with an own channel on YouTube. I'm currently setting up a list with contacts of likeminded sharity people to keep in touch whatever happens. Would you send me an e-mail so I have yours as well? Thanks. easysounds1970 -#att-

Anonymous said...

Hello dear, I do not know if you MORTE MACABRE. The only album they made is cover played live and arranged of indie 1960/1970 movies. You should have a serious look at this and if you manage to find the orignals versions it would be great, some are commons some unfindable.

Ille Ego said...

Hi, I'm desperately looking for this album...

Would You please find it?

Thanks a lot


Brianiac said...

Easy Sounds, I will email you shortly.

Anon, thank you for the link to Morte Macabre. Amazing stuff! I will definitely look for it.

Ille Ego, no need to be desperate any more. I will post it very soon. :)

Mickey said...

Man, thank you for uploading the music, it's highly appreciated! I love the site! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a looot for sharing this .REAL MUSIC

Anonymous said...

Brianiac, Thanks for this and your great site! Looking forward to listening to this.

Franco said...

Great Ost from the maestro. Thanks