Sunday, May 10, 2015

John Dankworth - Modesty Blaise (1966)

01. Modesty Blaise (Main Theme Vocal by David & Jonathan)
02. Moods of Modesty
03. Canal Trip (Modesty in Amsterdam)
04. Going Upstairs
05. Nightclub Dance (Letkiss)
06. Haarlemstraat 74, Apt. C
07. At the Dolls House - Hurdy-Gurdy
08. Modesty Chased, Modesty Unchaste!
09. Modesty, Willie and an Ice Cream
10. Modesty & Willie Car Chase
11. Modesty On the 'Andronicus'
12. Modesty Blaise Theme (Instrumental)
13. Frogman
14. Modesty In and Out of Trouble
15. Modesty and Willie Escape
16. The Sheik to the Rescue! (Vocal by Monica Vitti & Terence Stamp)
17. Ice Is Nice (Vocal by Bob Breen)
18. Modesty Blaise (End Title)

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Brianiac said...


pcch7 said...

Cool stuff. Where did you get all this from?


Andreas Röhl said...

1000thanks for this great album! Easywind

BNDRWN ‡ said...

Merci beaucoup une nouvelle fois!

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

another wonderful fix kick for the incoming in mid summer holydayzz !

remerciements pour such wonderful job you are doing with Italian OST!


J ;M Much Love

apf said...

Thank you!

M.Lamerex said...

Brianiac , you simply rock sharing these choice, killer vintage italio & other euro soundtracks with all of us uninitiated heathens, who want to learn & have our minds blown, by these musical geniuses from the past.
Modesty Blaise has been on my list for a helluva while. Can't wait to dig Dankworth's
pop 60's scoring groove.
And, you even post to the classiest, fast providers. I tip my Pabst toward your spaceship.

Brianiac said...

You are much too kind. It's my pleasure. said...

A million thanks!

Unknown said...

thank you!