Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paolo Vasile - Il Giorno Del Cobra (1980)

01. The Day Of The Cobra (03:33) 
02. Escape (03:12)
03. Remember (02:25)
04. Downstairs (00:52)
05. Revenge (02:20)
06. Clash (02:15)
07. Flight (01:10)
08. Fear (01:46)
09. Suspicion (00:55)
10. Upstairs (03:52)
11. The Day Of The Cobra (#2) (04:24)
12. Run To Live (02:23)
13. Hanged Up (01:30)
14. Encounter (01:30)
15. Astonishment (02:01)
16. Spy (01:33)
17. Tim (02:42)

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Brianiac said...

Patrik said...

Cool. Thanks

BNDRWN ‡ said...

glad you back

BNDRWN ‡ said...

so glad you back, thanks though

Muff Diver said...

Thanks Brainiac!

Anonymous said...

amazing soundtrack. thanks!

Anonymous said...

amazing soundtrack, thanks!

the saucer people said...

Don't think I have come across the work of Paolo Vasile before, so many thanks for yet another discovery thanks to Sleazy Listening! Really like the atmosphere of this soundtrack, so measured and restrained (though you do feel the band are just itching to bust out a ten minute funk heavy freakout!) - love the bass line and that fluttering effect on track 6 'Revenge', it flows really well with the brass sounds on track 13, Hanged Up. Track 14, Encounter is wonderful, so soothing, especially when the guitar picks up the melody at the end (just wished it could go on for another five minutes!).

feels like one of those soundtracks that while it does not immediately blow you away, repeated listens will bring out far more than you imagine (and often those kinds of soundtracks become your favourite in the long term strangely enough!).

Many thanks as always.

Brianiac said...

Brilliant description. Glad you dig it.

stonerphonic said...