Sunday, March 15, 2015

Franco Micalizzi - Stridulum (The Visitor) (1979)

01. Stridulum Theme (04:28)
02. Here's The Dream (02:35)
03. Running Away From Jerzy (03:28) 
04. Sadness Theme (03:27)
05. Distressing Sequence (02:41)
06. Hospital Sequence (01:55)
07. Voices For Sadness Theme (01:42)
08. Jerzy, Again (04:26)
09. Sadness Theme (2nd Part) (01:11)
10. Atmosphere (02:39)
11. Back In Hospital (02:27)
12. Distressing Sequence (#2) (01:11)
13. Stridulum Theme (#2) (01:12)
14. Distressing Sequence (#3) (05:09)
15. Jerzy, Again (#2) (01:03)
16. Atmosphere (#2) (02:26)
17. Sadness Theme (2nd Part, Take 2) (01:00)
18. Stridulum Theme (#3) (04:53)
19. Atmosphere (#3) (03:08)
20. Jerzy, Again (#3) (01:32)
1 - 12 the original RCA album
13 - 20 bonus tracks

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Brianiac said...

Sergej said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful soundtrack.
Never heard before.
Amazing taste and blog you have, as always!

Patrik said...

Great stuff, thanks

daniel70 said...

thanks again! great stuff...

Paul Harvey said...

This is one of my favourite Franco Micalizzi albums and the reissue is definitely where it is at with all the extra tracks - great to see it posted here.

I finally found a copy of the film, years after first hearing the soundtrack and I loved it, a kind of sci-fi Omen - most "film critics" have very few kind words for it, but if you are a fan of weird seventies obscurities, then I highly recommend a viewing.

Brianiac said...

I love this album as well and listen to it quite a bit. Saw the film too and enjoyed it for the sheer wackiness of it. I love Franco Nero's cameo.

larsen said...

Good morning. What's the PW to unzip? Many thanks. Larsen

Brianiac said...

None of the files require a password. Please try to unzip it again.

Mark Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing this. Such a fun film, and an excellent soundtrack to boot!

opal music said...

Thanx for all the great work and research - love your blog

Benjamín Torres said...


Anonymous said...

awesome music!! do you have other good soundtracks from this composer? much appreciated! ;) long live the sleaze ^^

Brianiac said...

I do have more soundtracks from Micalizzi and will try to get another one up soon.