Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt (1968)

A recent request by "anonymous", this is the 2000 release of the exciting Schifrin soundtrack to the classic Steve McQueen film. Here's a little more about this release from Moviegrooves:

The Original Soundtrack to Bullitt (the actual music used in the movie) has never been released. The LP version that appeared back in the late 60's itself comprised of re-recorded versions - these versions were slightly more jazzy in order to appeal to a wider audience.

This CD contains re-recorded versions of the arrangements from the original Bullitt soundtrack LP which were recorded in 2000 by the WDR Big Band and conducted by Lalo Schifrin. It also contains re-recorded 'movie versions' of some of the tracks too. There's also a few previously unreleased cues; "Just Coffee", "Architect's Building" and a new arrangement of the main theme for jazz guitar. A superb set of tunes.

01. Main Title (03:05) (Movie Version)
02. Shifting Gears (03:12)
03. Ice Pick Mike (03:58) (Movie Version)
04. Cantata For Combo (02:51)
05. Room 26 (02:28) (Movie Version)
06. On The Way To San Mateo (02:36)
07. Just Coffee (03:03)
08. Main Title (02:13) (Record Version)
09. The Aftermath Of Love (03:01)
10. Ice Pick Mike (03:07) (Record Version)
11. Hotel Daniels (03:32)
12. Guitar Solo (01:34)
13. The First Snow Fall (03:41)
14. Room 26 (03:39) (Record Version)
15. The Architect's Building (01:47)
16. Song For Cathy (04:29)
17. Music To Interrogate By (02:51)
18. End Credits (03:51)

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Brianiac said...

Anonymous said...

thank you - steve.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed emotions about this CD- I bought it for a clean version of The Aftermath of Love (my vinyl copy is long dead) and it's a horrible re-recording of it. On the other hand, the main theme first track beats the heck out of the original vinyl release.
The end credits are different also, and I like the original album's better.

Albatroz said...

Hello Brianiac,
Again, thanks for the music.
From the same land that Lalo Schifrin (Argentina), Regards.
Ps: Do you have "Frantic" soundtrack, by Ennio?

Anonymous said...

Damn, that was fast!
Thanks a bunch

Queen of Chance said...

Allo, I just recently came across your blog. It is marvelous! I found Histore D'O, thank you so much! Do you by any chance have the Emmmanuelle soundtrack 1&2.
I'd be most grateful to you.

Anonymous said...

hi there! your site is great! fantastic scores!
do you have Giorgio Gaslini's score for the movie "Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile"?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm also looking for "Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile" soundtrack. Any chance? Thanks in advance.-

jpib64 said...

this looks great.

Jenna said...

I have been looking for this, thank you!

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Abner810 said...

Gracias, fantastico es este album, hace rato que lo andaba buscando!!!

El contenido del album es excelente, las canciones son unos clasicos de todos los tiempos

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! I hope listening to this in my Mazda pick-up will NOT induce speeding, getting air, or blowing up. Or do I?

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Brainiac. What a number of brilliant things here! I was looking for Lalo Schifrin stuff and I found this treasure of a blog.
Thank you very much for your generosity and well researched material.

Blessings, Nigel

Konsumterra said...

not found last i looked - going through your back catalogue
awesome gold

Anonymous said...

any chance for an re-up?

many thanks

Von Illa said...

Can you upload again please?

Brianiac said...

Anonymous said...

Hello, by any chance, would you have a flac version? Thanks in advance.

Brianiac said...

I'm sorry. This is all I have.

Brianiac said...!NtUgQZrL!3DxtgaDz1zKPFM2zk9UQ-3WHPomdmXedzz7FJin87HU


stonerphonic said...

Thanks. Mediafire "permission denied". Mega is ok

Anonymous said...

awesome score! I came here looking for something of the sound of Bruce Lee movies Lalo Schifrin, John Barry, and Joseph Koo and that psychedelic rock orchestral funkxploitation kung fu porn sound of action movies in the 70s and 80s, really this searching to find you here was all inspired last night after I watched the 1982 first film directed by Corey Yuen- Ninja in the Dragon's Den and the killer Ninja Kommando theme song. anyhow, looking for treasures of the soundtrack realm and found many stellar scores, really enjoying the Ennio Morricone, Franco Micalizzi, Piero Piccioni, and Stelvio Cipriani a plethora of eye gouging mayhem and madness! martian zombie ninja cheerleaders from hell mwahahahuhuhuuu! ho no! not a power drill to the eyball! ewwwwww boobs rule, as if/when you watch Ninja in the Dragon's Den you can see the good guys use naked boobs as the essential weapon to defeat the purity of the final bad guy's god kung fu which makes him no longer incincible bwahahaha it is silly as hell and epic and profound haha ;p poetry

sincerely ~a music lover, musician, composer, singer, master of instruments, music historian, musicologist, and listener

Brianiac said...

Glad you found the blog! I've had a copy of Ninja In The Dragon's Den for years, but have never watched it. I think you've just inspired me to dig it out!