Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ennio Morricone - Frantic (1988)

Going beyond the 60's and 70's to fill a request for Albatroz. This is slightly more modern than most of the Morricone on this blog, but that's no reason to dismiss it. It's still got plenty of the Maestro's classic touches and is really an excellent soundtrack. Give it a shot.

More requests to be filled very soon...

01. I'm Gonna Lose You (04:05) Performed by Simply Red
02. Frantic (04:13)
03. On The Roofs Of Paris (06:07)
04. One Flugel Horn (03:24)
05. Six Short Interludes (04:34)
06. Nocturne For Michel (03:21)
07. In The Garage (04:17)
08. The Paris Project (03:22)
09. Sadly Nostalgic (01:55)
10. Frantic (06:04)

New link in the comments.


Brianiac said...

Albatroz said...

Mr. Brianiac, thank you very much for post the soundtrack!
A little present from Argentina, Sandro:
My very best regards to you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Been a while since I heard this OST.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by chance. And the first post I find is FRANTIC.
I've had this since its vinyl release. Never found anywhere till now.
Dont like Simply Red but I'm Gonna Lose You is very special to me.
I cannot thank you enough.

Edmundo Floss said...

hi fellow ! link me and i link you
greetings from brazil

The Great Tyrant said...

Thanks Braniac, another great post - I'll definitely be skipping the Simply Red track though - yeesh...

Aside from that, how it goin' dude?

Anonymous said...

Wow! This blog is a delight! Thank you for all these wonderful gifts! Here I've found some jewels I thought I would never find.

I was wondering if you have ever found some Nora Orlandi soundtracks. "Sweet body of Deborah" and "The strange vice of Mrs. Wardh" are very rare... I'm sure that you, as a true expert in the matter, appreciate this works from this wonderful composer. Very rare to find a woman working on this kind of genre...

Best regards from Barcelona!

Brianiac said...

Hi Edmundo! I have linked to your great site for awhile now and I would love to be linked to yours. :)

Great Tyrant, you are very welcome. I am doing well, thank you. Just trying to make it through the Summer, my least favourite season, without melting. How is life in the Temple treating you?

Anonymous, thank you very much for the kind words. I love Nora Orlandi as well. Leave me a comment with your email address and I'll contact you on the two soundtracks you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

Those Nora Orlandi sountracks are such a gem! I'm very grateful! My e-mail: By the way, thanks again for this month addition, the classic soundtrack for "Emmanuelle". A must!

bluefunk said...

Hi, thanks for the post.
Think this film and soundtrack has always been a bit underrated.
Thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking for those Nora Orlandi soundtracks.

Can you send me the links at

thank you!

hana said...

thank u sir

moimoi, the artist formally known as mimi said...

thanks a lot, i have a question, i realy want to find the song used in the trailer (at the end of the trailer) do you by any chance know what it is? or how i can find it?


Persephone Jones said...

*Fangirl squeal*
I could give you a big, fat, sloppy kiss! Been looking for this (including Simply Red song for years). Thank you. :)

Brianiac said...

Wow, Persephone! I'm glad I could make your day! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the wonderful records of Ennio Morricone.

and sorry for my english

A French Man

tim said...

Hi Brianiac,

Thanks for the rapidshare links but do you upload any filefactory, uploaded or rapidgator sites?

Brianiac said...

Don't Get Nasty Brother said...

Thank u for this. Been looking for this one for quite a while.