Sunday, December 7, 2008

Roy Budd - Get Carter (1971)

This was requested by McKenzie and really needs no introduction. It's an amazing soundtrack to a brilliant film that derserves to be in everyone's collection.

01. Intro
02. Dialogue
03. Main Theme - Carter Takes A Train
04. Dialogue
05. Looking For Someone
06. Dialogue - The Race Track
07. Something On My Mind
08. Dialogue
09. Getting Nowhere In A Hurry
10. Dialogue
11. The Girl In The Car
12. Dialogue
13. Love Is A Four Letter Word
14. Dialogue
15. Livin' Should Be This Way
16. Dialogue
17. Manhunt
18. Dialogue
19. Goodbye Eric!
20. Goodbye Carter!
21. Hallucinations
22. Plaything
23. How About You
24. Getting Nowhere In A Hurry (Instrumental)
25. Hallucinations (Instrumental)

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Brianiac said...

IR e L a IXI said...

nice post! cant wait to check it out

Wille said...

Thanks again for the fantastic links!!!!!!
Nice choices.
By the way, do you happen to have the music for Rebus, a late sixties Ann Margret film?
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your website.

Your taste is impeccable.

Anonymous said...


since i saw the movie, i always wanted to get in touch with Get Carter's soundtrack, thank you for this post! enjoying Rebus also!

dAb said...

Hey there,
I don't not it landed on your site, but the first thing I downloaded was the DJ soap mix. it is excellent! So, I started to investigate your collection of soundtracks. And I must say, what a terrific offering. I cannot thank you enough for your time and attention to this top notch collection. This is a great site. And once again I can't thank you enough. Keep up the great work. it is much appreciated.

Brianiac said...

Thanks Davey B. and everyone for the comments! I really appreciate it.

jorgogi said...

thx a lot ;)

Anonymous said...

love this film, thanks - steve.

Lee said...

This is my favourite soundtrack of all time always on in the car and have the print that came with the CD in my living room.
Your credentials are impecable, great blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the soundtrack, I have one question. I know it's a long shot but still... There is a scene at some point when Michael Caine is chasing Thorpey, and they pass through a bar/pub something. Well... on the backround there is a very nice psyhedelic tune, I would like to know what;s that track. But maybe it is impossible. Any ideas....thx

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again sir!

Unknown said...

New music based on the Get Carter movie and soundtrack - Neo-Noir by The Organization get it free here:

Music video for GET CARTER here:

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Seriously. This is a great composer, I'm just discovering

Copacetic47 said...

many many thanks!

Gretel said...

Thanks a lot.

Brianiac said...

niakola said...

muchas gracias braniac for the up and the reup !