Sunday, December 14, 2008

Luis Bacalov - Rebus (1968)

Up next is a request from Wille. It's a great spy movie soundtrack with a Middle Eastern flair. The sexy Ann-Margret, who stars in the film, sings on two tracks. I think everyone will dig this one.

01. Take A Chance (Instrumental Main Titles) (02:41)
02. Rebus (Seq.1) (03:42)
03. Rebus (Seq.2) (02:15)
04. Rebus (Seq.3) (03:16)
05. Rebus (Seq.4) (02:37)
06. Rebus (Seq.5) (04:21)
07. Rebus (Seq.6) (02:21)
08. Take A Chance (Vocals by Ann-Margret) (02:09)
09. Suddenly The Rain (Vocals by Ann-Margret) (02:34)
10. Rebus (Seq.7) (05:28)
11. Rebus (Seq.8) (01:21)
12. Rebus (Seq.9) (02:00)
13. Rebus (Seq.10) (02:12)
14. Rebus (Seq.11) (02:50)
15. Take A Chance (End Title) (02:35)

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Wonderfully groovy. Many Thanks

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