Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ennio Morricone - Il Grande Silenzio (1968)

Here's a not-so-sleazy, but still amazing, soundtrack that was requested by someone. The Great Silence is one of my very favourite Italian westerns as well as one of my favourite Morricone scores. I love it so much that my lovely wife walked down the aisle to the hauntingly beautiful main theme at our wedding last October. It was almost too much for this soundtrack geek to take.

The last 5 tracks are from another 1968 Morricone score "Un Bellissimo Novembre" (That Splendid November).

01. Il Grande Silenzio (Restless) (02:27)
02. Passaggi Nel Tempo (02:24)
03. E L'Amore Verra (01:58)
04. Barbara E Tagliente (02:01)0
05. Prima Che Volino I Corvi (02:30)
06. Immobile (03:27)
07. Viaggio (01:53)
08. Voci Nel Deserto (02:39)
09. Gli Assassini E La Madre (03:19)
10. Invito All'Amore (03:59)
11. Nel Vecchio Saloon (Silent Love) (01:10)
12. L'Ultimo Gesto (04:25)
13. Dopo Il Martirio (01:40)
14. Nuddu (02:36)
15. Sensi (02:43)
16. Buio Mattino (03:05)
17. Ancora Piu Dolcemente (02:44)
18. Nuddu (Vocal Version) (02:43)

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Brianiac said...

Sylvain L. said...

Thanks for this one.

It's not only a great soundtrack but also one of the most amazing Italian western films ever made.

Director Sergio Corbucci's film is completely set in a snowy landscape, which makes everything incredibly graphic and surreal; pushing the contrast between the quietness of the white tonality and the violence of the action to a maximum.

This very same opposition is reflected in the two main actors: on the one hand, "Silence" (Jean-Louis Trintignant), a cold blooded desperado who never says a word, and on the other, "Tigrero" (Klaus Kinski), a mad, cruel and loud gunman.
But it's hard to tell who's got the darkest mind in this story.

One of these gems it would be a shame to miss.


Edmundo Floss said...

hi ! link me and i link you !

Peter said...

I agree with you Brian, Il Grande Silenzio (Restless) is one of the most beautiful themes ever written by the Maestro. Great choice to use while walking down the aisle.

Brianiac said...

Sylvain, that's a perfect summary of this amazing film!

Edmundo, consider it done!

Peter, my wife is a recent Morricone convert (who thought the song was beautiful too) and she knew how much this meant to me and was happy to oblige. :)

Anonymous said...

YOU RULE!!!! Haunting, beautiful. Thank you SO MUCH.

Anonymous said...

You walked down the aisle to this!!?

I love this score, it's probably my favourite Morricone (also a fantastic film), but kind sad and lonesome for a wedding ain't it?

Martooni said...

>and she knew how much this meant to me and was happy to oblige. :)

Your a lucky guy!

Got a digitized rip of this. Hoping your copy sounds a little better!

Brianiac said...

>but kind sad and lonesome for a wedding ain't it?<<

In the context of the film it is, but on it's own we thought that it was perfect.

>>Martooni said...

Your a lucky guy!<<

Without a doubt! :)

Max said...

Thanks. I hadn't heard the score (or seen the movie) before. Classic Morricone is a real treat.

Chuckie Jo said...

Yes oh yes to the theme and the movie, but what of "Voci Nel Deserto"? Blast that baby and such beauty will wash over you. Long a hangover fave of mine, I just had to speak up for it.

Brianiac said...

I couldn't agree more, Chuckie Jo! "Voci Nel Deserto" is indeed beautiful.

Mark said...

Just came across your blog- some great stuff on here!
Been looking for the soundtrack to this for ages, its one of my all time favourite westerns and such an amazing morricone score- thanks for posting it :-)

Andrew King said...

Hope you all might also be interested to hear a sample of our track 'Cold Distance' (which was certainly inspired by 'Restless') from our upcoming July 2009 album 'Take Me Higher' - check it out at 'The Great Silence' was a BBC 2 Moviedrome Alex Cox first viewing for me and I loved the score, also LWT's screenings of 'The Humanoid' and 'Oceano' have also made me buy very expensive LPs back in the day (now upgraded to CDs)! All the best, Andrew.

Derek said...

I just happened upon this site. Excellent stuff and a big thanks for posting this.

Stanley said...

A friend recommended this blog to me, and I can HONESTLY say my life has been changed! It's great that you do this for people who might not be exposed to such wonderful music otherwise.
I have to enquire though... where do you find all the hard copies? I've been looking for some of these records for so long! I'm astonished and enlightened.. but I WANT THEM!

May be a long shot, but do you have anything by Robert Lepenik?

Thanks once again,

Brianiac said...

Stan, I really appreciate the comments and I'm glad to have been able to share this great stuff with you.

I've picked up soundtracks here and there all through the years. I go to record shows a lot and frequent many local and not-so-local record shops. I'd say 90% of the time I don't really find anything spectacular, but there's always some gem I come across that keeps me going back.

I'm not familiar with Robert Lepenik, so naturally I don't have anything by him.

Dennis said...

love this blog. so much good stuff. do you have the Le trio infernal soundtrack? the few tracks i've heard from the film (which i need to rent from at my neighborhood video store on vhs) are simply amazing.

mangelella said...

Can't get the link to open for me. Keeps showing Error!

- Michael A

Brianiac said...

I'll get it back up very soon.

Brianiac said...

Dennis, I believe I have it somewhere. If I do, I'll be sure and post it.

Peter said...

AAAH! The link doesn't work. I love you blog, I must say. Please post this again, it would make me day!

Anonymous said...

re-up? thanks, wonderful blog

Brianiac said...

New link!

mcalear said...

Great, thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Thank you.

boba said...

love the movie and the ost ! Thanks a bunch Brianiac !

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for all the good music that you have posted; I´m trying to find the ost from Corbucci´s film "Gli Spezialisti", composed by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, Do you know that?If you have it, it could be an special post!! MANY, MANY, MANY THANKS!!!

Brianiac said...