Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Armando Trovaioli - Il Profeta (1968)

The Prophet is a must-have soundtrack by the great Armando Trovaioli. You've probably heard several tracks on various comps, but I really recommend everyone checking out the full soundtrack.
01. Il Profeta (Main Titles) (02:43)
02. Il Profeta (Party Mood) (03:20)
03. Abbiamo Capito (Love Theme - Indian Raga) (01:22)
04. Il Profeta (Vocal Version - Sung by Carmen Villani) (02:53)
05. Abbiamo Capito (Love Theme - March Version) (02:36)
06. Il Profeta (Rumba-Shake) (01:24)
07. Abbiamo Capito (Love Theme - Variations) (03:51)
08. Topo Di Campagna (Banjos Galore) (01:48)
09. Il Profeta (Harpsichord Version) (01:06)
10. Abbiamo Capito (Love Theme - Lullaby Version) (02:36)
11. Abbiamo Capito (Love Theme - Shake Version) (01:32)
12. Il Profeta (Mystery Version) (01:20)
13. Il Profeta (Shake Version) (01:21)
14. Abbiamo Capito (Love Theme - Lullaby Version Reprise) (02:19)
15. Abbiamo Capito (Love Theme - Rumba-Shake Version) (03:27)
16. Il Profeta (Main Theme Reprise) (01:59)

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Brianiac said...


Anonymous said...

looks great - thank you for posting!

Martin Hentschel said...

nice sound

Pubs said...

What an exceptional site this is -- a sure cure for emotional and spiritual fecklessness! You deserve a hearty thanks (a drink, really, but that's hard to offer in this virtual medium) for all the great stuff you've posted here! Some of my favorites that I can recommend: 'Camille 2000' (Piccioni's finest), 'Lizard in a Woman's Skin' (Morricone), and 'Il Dio Sotto La Pelle' (Piccioni). Another guy I've been listening to of late -- to jump out of the Italian film-composer cabal for a moment -- is David Axelrod, who is adventurously funky. It's hard to beat the Italians, though. I've been into them (Piccioni, Umiliani, Morricone, Cipriani, et al.) ever since discovering the films of Radley Metzger a number of months ago. If only they'd release a soundtrack for the Cipriani-penned score from Metzger's 'The Lickerish Quartet.' And if only I could figure out the source for the "Where is the Girl" song from Metzger's film 'Score' -- then I could die happy.
Keep up the inspiring work!

Anonymous said...

Brainian you are great! I'm 21 years old and i try everyday to discover new types of music.The Italians are the best in every each kind of music and the horror films are awesome! Keep going this way!!!

Panos from Athens, Greece!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for Sleazy Listening.

Anonymous said...

You are to be PRAISED repeatedly for bringing us such AWESOME rare material. I'm ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

Is Morricone's THE GREAT SILENCE out there somewhere?


Brianiac said...

Mnay thanks for all the kind words, guys! I'm blushing.

Look for THE GREAT SILENCE (one of my favourites) here very soon!

Paul Scrabo said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to share these tracks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm tending to agree with the previous commentator. The Italians are the best at so much of the music I like, from progrock to avante garde and everything.

thanks for the great uploads

Duncan from Canada

Brianiac said...

You're very welcome, Paul and Duncan!


thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant as always,



Dick Cannon said...

First off- LOVE YOUR SITE! Thanks so much for doing this. So many great LPs that I now get to hear. If I can make a request, I hope that someday you can post a copy of "The Libertine" aka "La Matriarca" by Armando Trovaioli. I've been looking all over for it. Thanks again!!!

Von Illa said...

Man you have some great stuff here. hate to keep bugging you about new links, but please? lol

Brianiac said...