Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pierre Bachelet - Gwendoline (1984)

Dipping into the 80's a bit to bring you another fine score from Pierre Bachelet, the man who gave us the "Story of O" soundtrack. Incidentally, O's director Just Jaeckin also directed this sexy action film that was also known as "The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak". I recall seeing this years ago as a teen strictly because the (then) hottie Tawny Kitaen was in it. I didn't care for it (aside from the flesh on display), but perhaps I would appreciate it more now that my tolerance and love of cheeze and sleaze is infinitely higher.

01. A Pikao (03:35)
02. Rue Chinoise (03:04)
03. Gwendoline (04:10)
04. Theme de Willard (03:08)
05. Le Combat (02:29)
06. Quand Souffle Kalibidu (01:53)
07. Adventure Au Yek Yek (03:54)
08. Sous la Pluie (01:55)
09. La Legende De Pikao (03:54)
10. U 89 (02:36)
11. Chant des Sirenes (03:42)
12. Chez Les Chiops (01:40)

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Brianiac said...

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THANK YOU!!! Best BLOG for vintage Euro scores!! You rock.

Brianiac said...

I appreciate the nice comments. Glad you're enjoying everything.

SeaN said...

Great!!! :)

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fantastic soundtrack. thanks!

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Merci Beaucoup !! :)

Cameron said...

thanks so much for the flac! had to cop "rue chinoise" after just hearing it on a fantastic puro instinct mix. and subsequently had to check out the movie after reading your description. a very well played move by the misogynistic male protagonist in this tawdry scene:

Anonymous said...

Still sleazing like a champ! Mmmmmm... ;)

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooo much for this album.
I used to have it on tape..and then it got chewed.

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What a great informative site....but how does one download "Gwendoline" ?

The link to mediafire does not seem to work

Please help


Brianiac said...

The Mediafire link goes up and down. It seems to be working now. I've upped it to Mega as well, so try this link:!phk3wJ4R!_QTlM1UmPxCviE_DhZEw3mHy4eENA7MoykuSwJUBDiQ

Anonymous said...

Great...worked a treat

Why didn't Bachelet do more film Scores :-)

Many thanks

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Brianiac, many thanks