Saturday, May 3, 2008

John Barry - Deadfall (1968)

Not really "sleazy listening" per se, but a great soundtrack nonetheless. I recently re-watched this Michael Caine film and I remembered how much I loved the music (and the film as well). Give it a try.

01. My Love Has Two Faces (Vocal - Shirley Bassey) (03:52)
02. The Meeting (02:45)
03. Statue Dance (02:44)
04. The Last Deadfall (06:13)
05. My Love Has Two Faces (Instrumental) (03:16)
06. Romance for Guitar and Orchestra (14:12)
07. My Love Has Two Faces (Male Vocal) (03:32)
08. My Love Has Two Faces (Intrumental Demo) (03:18)

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Brianiac said...

Licorice Pizza said...

Anything Barry has got to be GOOD!

Thanks for one I had not heard and a tip for a movie all in one.


Brianiac said...

Yeah, I definitely recommend checking out the movie. The 14-minute "Romance for Guitar and Orchestra" is even better once you see it used in one of the film's best sequences.

Anonymous said...

Nearly 4 years later and still loving the music here... COOOL!!

Rod Morgan said...

"Concerto..." is one of my favorite pieces of music of any kind. But I was disappointed in the film.

It was rather much like finally tracking down a video of the '70s film "Truck Turner" to learn what goes on in the film during the soundtrack's energetic orchestral "In Pursuit of the Pimpmobile" by the film's star, Isaac Hayes - only to find the music much, much better than the film it was supporting.

Anonymous said...

FYI: also this link is dead.

OSTFan said...

Any chance of a rep on this one? I just came across your blog and really appreciate all of your Mediafire link updates! Awesome site!

Brianiac said...

Look for a new link very soon.

Brianiac said...!cw1BwLwT!Y7gOptR6AdNt7r4GfSxT6ihOuQ36nY5U6oeqU2GqqHE


OSTFan said...

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Muff Diver said...

Not only a reup but an upgrade, too? Brainiac, I had no idea! I didn't even realize you'd done this until just now. Thank you!