Sunday, March 9, 2008

Piero Umiliani - La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna (1972)

The title roughly translates to 'The Girl From Skin of the Moon' and it's a beautiful example of Umiliani's work. The film was the second in an erotic trilogy directed by Luigi Scattini, all starring the gorgeous Zeudi Araya and scored by Umiliani. I hope to have the third one 'Il Corpo' (The Body) up here before long. If anyone has the first (La Ragazza Fuori Strada) that they would like to share, please feel free to do so.

01. Pelle di luna (01:58) (Previously unreleased)
02. Pelle di luna (03:33)
03. Mahè (02:39)
04. Addio isola felice (03:25)
05. Tanto tempo fa (02:48) (Previously unreleased extended version)
06. Il santone dell'isola (01:42) (Previously unreleased)
07. Seychelles isole dimenticate (03:20)
08. Seyga Seyga (02:09)
09. Bossa at Seychelles (02:29) (Previously unreleased)
10. Ricerca nell'isola (02:28) (Previously unreleased)

11. Pella di luna (03:14)
12. Un'incontro fatale (02:27) (Previously unreleased)
13. Danza del fuoco (02:00) (Previously unreleased)
14. Un'isola felice (04:17) (Previously unreleased extended version)
15. Stella del Sud (01:56) (Previously unreleased)
16. Tanto tempo fa (01:40)
17. Laguna tropicale (04:04) (Previously unreleased)
18. Tanto tempo fa (02:00) (Previously unreleased)
19. Stella del Sud (02:52)
20. Ricordandoti (02:52)
21. Danza della luna (01:53) (Previously unreleased)
22. La ragazza dalla pelle di luna (03:22) (Previously unreleased extended version)
23. Funerailles d'un heros (02:30) (Previously unreleased)
24. Tanto tempo fa (03:05) (Previously unreleased)
25. Pella di luna (02:30) (Previously unreleased)
26. La ragazza dalla pelle di luna (02:15) (Previously unreleased)

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BRIANiac said...

ebbo said...

thank u very much!!!

dom said...

Here's a link to "La Ragazza Fuori Strada".

Brianiac said...

Thanks so much, Dom! Another hole in my collection filled. If it's ok with you, I'll post it on the main page so that others can get it too.

dom said...

no problem brainiac!

XIX XII said...

hey really enjoying your blog. the link for this has expired. enjoying "the body" by piero umiliani very much - would love to hear this, could you re upload it? would be much appreciated. many thanks

Brianiac said...

XIX XII, thanks for the comments. Try it one more time. It seems to be working for me.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog - and love it! Have been getting into this sort of thing as a result of the crime & dissonance comp - thanks for making this stuff available!

fatalboy said...

Thank you :D

Ozzy said...

Grazzie mile!

Anonymous said...

anybody who coul fix me this album file?

Brianiac said...

Brianiac said...!M5kHlZTA!rexhIdBLkfiHAAoiV44CZlYWInzIY7UhFNC-0g18oy4


Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias! Great blog, thanks!

niakola said...

grazie mille braniac

brother john said...

This is so great, thanks very much for sharing! Did you ever find La Ragazza Fuori Strada? It's out there! (By which I mean it is accessible online if you look for it, rather than 'Its out there, man...' which it is too!)