Saturday, March 15, 2008

Berto Pisano & Jacques Chaumont - KILL! (1971)

This thriller about the drug trade came from the 1998 Japanese release seen here:
01. Kill Them All! (Main titles) (02:56)
02. Nella Moschea (02:10)
03. Hiasmina (02:15)
04. Allucinazioni (03:20)
05. Inchiesta (01:40)
06. Khanpur (02:02)
07. To Jean (03:09)
08. Senza Tregua (03:15)
09. Il Deserto (02:06)
10. Souk Tawl (02:45)
11. Kill Them All! (Vocal version) (03:12)
12. Hiasmina (Alternate version) (01:22)
13. Kill Them All! (Alternate version) (04:24)
14. Kill Them All! (Orchestral Suite) (01:13)
15. Hiasmina (Single Version) (02:15)
16. Kill Them All! (Action Suite) (02:39

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Brianiac said...

Kevin said...

I'll add your link on my house of mysterious secrets "links" page right now.

Thanks and take care,

Brianiac said...

Very cool! Thanks!

M@rc said...

Great! I just watched Death Smiled At Murder and Pisano's score for that is amazing.

colin said...

Thanks for this, , just listening now, really interesting. Hiasmina sounds familiar, like it's been sampled on a tv ad or something.

emixam said...

you are my lover, thank you, bookmarked ;)

Romo said...

Berto Pisano is the brother or Franco Pisano. Berto and Franco are born in Calaris, the Sardinia Island's biggest city.

Berto is great music composer and he made a HIT in 1974 with song "blue shadow".

Thank you very much for this great soundtrack!

DJ Kool JB said...

link is dead

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance for a new link for this one? Thanks for all the great music!

Anonymous said...

i largely enjoyed your great "swept awaY" piccioni pisano i was forced to find more about Pisano and his feeling of doing music so feather like...but this "Kill !" ost link is killed!

caould you re up please like you did with some else ost?
thanks zso much


Brianiac said...

It's not the best quality, but it's all I have. Here are the new links:!81c03DxA!bR3ZLuJyjC_iQ9yijSrQvaCWr35s6f68ZA-wNTXOfiI