Saturday, February 13, 2016

Armando Trovaioli - La Matriarca (1968)

01. La Matriarca (Titoli) (03:07)
02. La Matriarca (Slow Take) (04:11)
03. La Matriarca (Dream Version) (07:04)
04. La Matriarca (Waltz Theme) (04:29)
05. L'amore Dice Ciao (03:06)
06. La Matriarca (Bossa Nova) (03:45)
07. La Matriarca (Piano Solo) (02:30)
08. La Matriarca (Postlude) (04:12)
09. La Matriarca (Finale) (04:07)

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Brianiac said...!owdGXKCL!vLwzMBOrEBnQUxPMWrVM951nYR_70FcB8zMPRt8L4mU


Unknown said...

Thank you!

antony j said...

what a treat! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another rarity!

deebowen123 said...

Thank you very much - great blog!

Ogareff said...

Hi Brainiac ! great to see you again. Thx for this italian Matriarca. all the best from Paris.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

Gerard L said...

Thank you so much...My best regards from the Philippines

Serj said...

can you upload "Sesso Matto" by Trovajoli

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the constant and updated uploads, brianiac.

I don't want to sound greedy, but can I request an upload? I am looking for a good quality Casanova '70 soundtrack by Armando Trovajoli. If you have it I would be so grateful.


Brianiac said...

Serj, look for Sesso Matto soon.

Archaeon, I'm sorry I do not have it, but I will certainly post it if I get it.

daniel70 said...

honey for the mind - as always from you!

Anonymous said...

Please ,if possible in Flac. Thank You

Brianiac said...

I'm sorry, it's the best I have at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your great work! Much musical inspiration from your posts :)