Sunday, December 6, 2015

Luis Enríquez Bacalov - La Seduzione (1973)

01. Tucumania
02. Hello, Quincey
03. Pinha Tamburim
04. Nagö
05. Mi Votu E Mi Rivotu
06. Seduzione
07. Anagramma
08. Lisa G.
09. Members Only

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Brianiac said...!R5UkjbgR!gRqkkSn8HVdLPDUV69yBMLBUJoSoKfCQq4mEib-om7Y


Ogareff said...

Another great vintage soundtrack. Bacalov is one of my favorite. Thanks a lot, for all this italian stuff. Avec tous mes remerciements. Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année chez vous.

bwana said...

thank you very much, Brianiac - you are a sport!

Sergej said...

Hvala za Vse.

Soulmaster said...

Greatest music. THNX!


Great Soundtrack.
many thank !
D.J. ChinaBlack

Bernard said...

This blog is amazing, and so is Brianiac!

daniel70 said...

thanks again!

Beatnik said...

Thank you very much for this incredible site!

--- said...

First, thank you for the wonderful resource of this blogspot. Second, this album is perfect--playful, funky, and simplistic in all the right ways. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the volume of soundtracks here. Do you have any recommendations--either albums or artists--that might strike me as much as this soundtrack?