Thursday, August 27, 2015

Franco Micalizzi - Chi Sei? (1974)

(aka Who? / Beyond The Door)

01. Bargain with the Devil (03:16) 
02. Jessica's Theme (04:05) 
03. Dimitry's Theme (03:10) 
04. Robert's Theme (03:06) 
05. Jessica's Theme (02:42) 
06. Family's Theme (03:16) 
07. Bargain with the Devil (03:04) 
08. Flute Sequence (03:44) 
09. Dimitry's Theme (03:42) 
10. Family's Theme (01:41) 
1 - 10 the original album (stereo)
11. Chi Sei? (prologue) (03:03) 
12. Jessica's Theme (#3) (03:36) 
13. Bargain with the Devil (#3) (02:53) 
14. Flute Sequence (#2) (03:46) 
15. Jessica's Theme (#4) (02:41) 
16. Dimitry's Theme (#3) (02:38) 
11 - 16 bonus tracks (mono)

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Unknown said...

Thank you!

Soulmaster said...

Nice music!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!

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Bobby Castro said...

Beautiful music ! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome YEAH!! Thanks for this! I love the main theme <3 found it on youtube earlier, can't wait to listen to the rest of this album!)
appreciate the quick response to the comment about "wanting more from this artist" (Franco Micalizzi) XD

on a side note: I don't suppose you can find the original soundtrack to 'King of New York' by Joe Delia, a film directed by Abel Ferrara starring Christopher Walken, it's got this super funky version of a Schooly D song that isn't on any album of his (modified by Joe Delia i think) and / or any of the other soundtracks Joe Delia made for Abel Ferrara movies... Fear City (1984 w/Tom Berenger) China Girl (1987 w/James Hong) Dangerous Game (1993 w/Madonna and Harvey Keitel) or The Blackout (1997 w/Dennis Hopper)

you seem to have access to some rare music and I have had trouble finding any of these and any help locating them will be sincerely appreciated very much ^^ have a great sleazy day! ;)

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Thnx you..

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We just watched this film last night. Crazy film, great soundtrack. Thanks heaps!

DIMDOG said...

Thank you so much for these albums,great music from great times.
All of your hard work is appreciated.