Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jerry Goldsmith - Sebastian (1968)

By request...

01. Sebastian - Main Title (02:29) 
02. You Gotta Let Me Go (02:42) 
03. The Decoders (02:34)
     John Sebastian Bach (arranged by Jerry Goldsmith)
04. Checkmate (02:13) 
05. Carol's Apartment (02:56) 
06. Comes The Night (02:37) 
     Vocal by Jimmy A. Hassell (Hal Shaper, Jerry Goldsmith)
07. Night Scene (01:10) 
08. The Trip (02:26) 
09. Sputnik Code (01:51) 
     Tristram Cary
10. First Day At Work (03:20) 
11. Comes The Night (02:39) 
     Vocal by Anita Harris (Hal Shaper, Jerry Goldsmith)
12. Sputnik Code Revisions - Code Track (01:35) 
13. Sputnik Code Revisions - Code Without Morse (00:10) 
14. Sputnik Code Revisions - Code At Proper Speed (03:52) 
15. Loop 1 - Clicks And Scrapes (00:54) 
16. Loop 2 - Electronics Codes (00:54) 
17. Loop 3 - Rattle And Low Noises (00:46) 
18. Very Wild Mix (02:09) 
19. Tune With Code (01:47) 
20. Final Code Mix With 10 Second Pulses Removed (01:08) 
21. Code Track 1 (01:07) 
22. Code Track 3 (01:03) 
23. Assorted Sounds For Titles (02:19) 

     Tracks 12-23 BONUS TRACKS by Tristram Cary

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antony j said...

wonderful, ta

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows of Jerry Goldsmith's prolific works, and yet I've never heard of this release until right now.
Thanks, Brainiac!

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Thank you so much!

daniel70 said...

Thanks for the trouble, always good to come across anything Tristram Cary... Kind regards Mark

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks so much. xx

DonHo57 said...

Another great Goldsmith score...thanks!

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Welcome back! said...

Thank you very much for sharing this!

Paul Harvey said...

Excellent and rare choice.

The real gold in this release is the electronic score and sound effects by British electronic music pioneer Tristram Cary, absolutely incredible tape based effects and collages.

You can watch the film on You Tube

Here is the great psychedelic scene in the film:

Many thanks Brianiac - still such a diverse soundtrack choice as ever on this blog, so glad you are back and posting again.