Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Piero Umiliani - L'Arcangelo (1969)

A gem of a soundtrack by the great Piero Umiliani to this comedy starring Vittorio Gassman. This comes from the 1997 Japanese 22 track release not the 31 track release from 2009.

01 Main Titles
02 Main Theme (Reprise 1)
03 Mystery Suite
04 The Chase
05 Tenderly
06 Main Theme (Reprise 2)
07 Fear!
08 Silent Movies
09 Beguine
10 Fox Trot
11 Running Happy
12 Waltz
13 Pussycat '69
14 Main Theme (Reprise 3)
15 Love Piano
16 Sweet Beguine
17 Horror!
18 Main Theme (Reprise 4)
19 Type Writer Concert
20 Action
21 Carnival (End Titles)
22 Fantasia

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Brianiac said...

faud said...



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Thanks again ...

Councilflat said...

I really like this. It reminds me, in a distant kind of way, to Veu de Noiva OST. A great Brazilian TV soap ST which is a bit less light hearted, more romance than this, i think. Worth seeking, i got it from loronix, but it now seems to have disappeared (i could hook you up tho).

Anyway, this is great stuff, really enjoying it. Many thanks

kap6uk said...

Thank You!

The Great Tyrant said...

I particularly like the guy's facial expression on the poster art...

Brianiac said...

Thanks for the link, Faud! Great blog!

Glad you like this, Councilflat. I'd be very interested to hear the ST you are talking about.

Buns O'Plenty said...

cool blog

Councilflat said...

Actually it's nothing like l'arcangelo really, but still it's well worth a listen:

It's the 1st time i've used rapidshare, limited to 10 downloads

Brianiac said...

I'll check it out. Thanks for the link!

upkerry14 said...

grazie baby!

Wille said...

I like this soundtrack! Has anyone seen the film or know where to obtain it?
Dear Brainiac, do you happen to have the soundtracks to "Interrabang" by Berto Pisano or to "In Search of Gregory" by Ron Grainer?
Thank again so much!

Brianiac said...

Wille, I believe I do have the Interrabang soundtrack around here somewhere. I will try to get it posted this weekend.

CBlack said...

Great soundtrack--thanks! Too bad track 16, Sweet Beguine, seems to have gotten a little mangled, since it's such a nice, "sweet" loungey tune. Nevertheless, thanks for making this available.

Anonymous said...

hey people
i'm looking for the movie in italian but i can't find any dvd or blog. anyone can help. I have a copy on vhs but I have not a vcr anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Super-duper!!! ;)

Brianiac said...

bwana said...

a million thanx for all your prcious work, man! This is awesome music... Do you know if there was ever a release of this soundtrack?

Brianiac said...

Thanks for the kind words. I did a little searching and cannot find any indication that a soundtrack was released. A shame because any new Umiliani release would be welcomed.