Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ennio Morricone - Una Pistola Per Ringo / Il Ritorno Di Ringo

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who left such kind comments on the blog turning one year old. I truly appreciate it and want you to know that I couldn't do it without all of your support. As you can see, I've changed the look of Sleazy Listening a little. I figured after a year it was about time switch it up a bit. I never tire of looking at lovely Edwige Fenech, so I thought I would add her to the page. Let me know what you guys think.

Going "beyond" sleazy listening this time to fill a request for Will M. This is a great pairing of soundtracks from the always amazing (no matter what genre) Morricone. I hope everyone else enjoys this too.

01. Angel Face (Main Titles) (02:18)
02. Honk Tonky (00:42)
03. Grotesque Suspense (01:40)
04. The Clash (01:24)
05. Hesitating Rag (01:35)
06. Messico Eroico (01:33)
07. Una Pistola per Ringo (Main Titles Instr.) (02:19)
08. Bamba Bambina (01:31)
09. The Slaughter (01:58)
10. The Wait (02:36)
11. The Clash (#2) (01:30)
12. Hesitating Rag (#2) (01:13)
13. Messico Eroico (#2) (01:00)
14. Angel Face (End Titles - Vocal) (01:40)
15. Il Ritorno di Ringo (Main Titles) (02:16)
16. The Disguise (02:23)
17. Mariachi #1 (01:51)
18. Violence (05:54)
19. Sheriff Carson (01:20)
20. The Fuentes (01:08)
21. Mariachi #2 (02:03)
22. Main Titles (Instr.) (01:26)
23. Barnaba's Bamba (02:34)
24. The Wedding And The Revenge (01:28)
25. The Funeral (02:03)
26. Peace Comes Back Iin Mimbres (02:20)

Tracks 1-14 from Una Pistola per Ringo
Tracks 15-26 from Il Ritorno di Ringo

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Brianiac said...

will m said...

Thanks so much! :D

Anonymous said...

this is the best site in the WORLD!! i love you man!!!

Anonymous said...

YES! thank you man. if u going for the spaghetti-western genre now.. the soundtrack of "django kill! if u live shot.!" would be a fine post.

nastyskimmedmilk said...

happy birthday sleazy
thanx for all the wonderful posts

Rob Talbot said...

Another choice cut. Best. Blog. Ever.

jaws090 said...

A little late, but... ¡Happy Birthday! Thanks for a wonderful site, beatiful music... and I can`t get tired of look at Edwige too so... good decision.

Ringo Angelface said...

I've noticed that this album is missing one track.

L'incontro Con La Figlia from Il Returno Di Ringo.

It's quite a good track. :D

Brianiac said...

Unfortunately, this is the only version I have. If you or someone would like to share the missing track, I'd love to hear it.

CStumph said...

Wow, I'm very happy I found your blog. Good music makes life so much more interesting, yet good music is such a difficult thing to find.
You've helped make it a bit easier.

You ought to have a download link around here somewhere..
Also, for insulations sake, I would post those links under a separate account.

E. SANCHES said...

Esta é uma das primeiras e grandes soudtracks do Western Spaghetti por Ennio morricone.
Parabéns pelo Post
conheça o meu
no Brasil

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thank you!

tentas said...

thanx again
long live ennio morricone!!!!

Brianiac said...

Unknown said...

extremely n expensive thanks!

Anonymous said...

In te meantime: Permission Denied... :-(

Brianiac said...

Please try one of these links again:!c0kn3SJQ!b-iTzv8QSPIgAOpL82i-gNmuZ-z7tGSxehVuBRdk1ig