Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle In Bangkok (1976)

Yet another wonderful soundtrack from the many adventures of beautiful Laura Gemser as "Emanuelle". "Emanuelle Goes East", as it's also known, was the first of the series to be directed by sleaze veteran Joe D'Amato. Enjoy!

01. Sweet Living Thing (03:13)
02. Sweet Bossa (03:03)
03. Arabian Evasion Theme (02:13)
04. Thailand Sweet Sound (01:55)
05. Bellie's Orient Dance (02:44)
06. Sweet's Variation (03:12)
07. Emanuelle Nera O.R. (02:50)
08. Orient Riders (02:00)
09. Red Hot Wax (03:20)
10. Ping Pong Dance (02:31)
11. Sweet Feeling (01:53)
12. Thailand Market Theme (01:33)
13. Body To Body (01:45)

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Brianiac said...

crateman302 said...

Again, great post, thanks for the music and hard work!

Brianiac said...

No problem. Thanks for the kind words!

Michael Can't Sleep said...

Ah. Reminds me of the early days (and late nights) of Cinemax. Thanks very much!

Alan said...

Thanks so much for your efforts--this one is great.

Can I ask tho: Is there a reason that Rapidshare is so popular? It seems very user unfriendly compared to sites like MediaFire and Megaupload... just curious!

Thank you again!

Robert said...

Yeah... what Alan said.

Jen S said...

Hmmm, I love Rapidshare, it's reliable, the links stay up longer and faster downloads. Are you guys referring to the part where you have to actually pay for full usage? Come on.... it's pretty cheap, all things considered!

Great post, btw!

Brianiac said...

Thanks Jen! You summed up my thoughts on RS exactly. I realized a long time ago that the relatively low price for a premium membership is well worth it considering the enormous amounts I download and upload.

Frank Castro said...

Dear Brainiac,

I have been looking for this soundtrack for quite a while and I have never been able to find it until now! Thank you. Is there any chance that you could upload it again to Rapidshare? When I attempt to extract it, it breaks after track 5.



Frank Castro said...


Please disregard my last post. I downloaded the file again, and it extracted perfectly!

Thank you thank you thank you!


Brianiac said...

Glad it worked for you, Frank! You're very welcome.

sevenelves said...

During the early 80's,
cabelvision, long island NY, would play this movie ALL THE TIME.
These musics mean "sexy" to mind & body.
Thank you for this soundtrack & so many others, Brianiac.


Lyhue said...

excellent collection! thanks for sharing these rare gems with all of us!

Brianiac said...

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to hear this album all day, and here it is. Geez, track seven is weird. Honey honey like a... did they say puppy? Very happy like a... barfly? Did I hear that right? Did I hear the whole thing right? Mm.

Beautiful sounds. Thanks for re-upping!