Sunday, May 15, 2016

Roy Budd - Diamonds (1975)

01. Main Theme (03:04)
02. The Thief (02:02)
03. Tel Aviv (03:21)
04. Diamonds (02:31) Featuring The Three Degrees
05. Diamond Fortress (03:00)
06. Beauty And The Bass (03:06)
07. Market Place (02:55)
08. Hearts And Diamonds (02:31) Featuring The Three Degrees
09. Party Piece (03:03)
10. Thief On The Prowl (02:34)
11. I Think I'm Being Followed (02:39)
12. Robbery! (02:56)
13. Crown Jewels (04:03)
14. A Handful Of Gems (02:11)
15. End Titles (02:17) Featuring The Three Degrees
16. Diamonds (02:36) (M19 Film Mix)
17. Diamonds (02:30) (M33 Film Mix)

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Brianiac said...!dx1iHbCA!yi1r7I3xfyMNmqXZg7O2akPXPcG1a-7X5Q_T4STfd4Y


drifter00 said...

Thnx! Very nice music/

Anonymous said...

Love It .....
Thankyou X

Anonymous said...

one of the better OST's I've ever listened to. thank you for a quality blog

Hyde said...

thanks a million

Anonymous said...

More cool stuff! Thank you sir!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Cope said...

Good stuff, thanks.

Cope said...

Thanks for the work man this is good!

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Number 6 said...

Just want to add a general THANK YOU for all the great music! Love your blog, please keep up the good work. This is the music I have been looking for my whole life!

Anonymous said...

thank you great music!
Do you can post Sandro Brugnolini - Gli arcangeli?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Fantastic music.
If is it possible I have another request:
Piero Piccioni: Un tentativo sentimentale (in the band there were the best Italian Jazz trumpeter: Nunzio Rotondo)

Brianiac said...

I'm sorry, Alessandro, but I do not have that one. If I ever come across it, I will definitely share it.

niakola said...

thx for this release !! il love Roy Budd's style