Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Roy Budd - Fear Is The Key (1972)

01. Main Theme (02:29)
02. The Car Chase (10:11)
03. Louisiana Ferry (04:35)
04. The Hostage Escapes (02:30)
05. Bayou Blues (04:31)
06. The Swamp (02:27)
07. In Search Of The Key (01:50)
08. Breakout! (01:34)
09. The Oil Rig (02:37)
10. From Sea Bed To Surface (03:50)

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Brianiac said...!80El2axZ!kwrsOVngKNX4wOZhMZjhDHJX3Z_ZYHyim9nP1Yh_zxw


antony j said...

marvy! Ta!

evansbigday said...

Thanks Brainiac, a beauty!

Coney said...

Yes Yes and Yes, I Love Roy Budd, thank you

Alanlloyd said...

Great Stuff....Just going out for a little drive !....thanks

Unknown said...

love your blog - please check out Quattro, library influenced hip hop duo from england

RD said...

I love this blog!! thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

very much appreciated blog.. great sounds. thank you

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Thank you!